(Minghui.org) After a long phone conversation with a Falun Dafa practitioner outside of China, a teacher in northern China understood why overseas practitioners contact people in China to encourage them to quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and its affiliated organizations. At the end of their conversation, she said, “Now I understand why you are helping people quit the Party.”

When she noticed she was getting a call from a foreign country, she was curious. She already knew the CCP was evil and that Falun Dafa is good. She had quit the CCP’s Young Pioneers and knew that the “Tiananmen Square self-immolation” was staged to frame Falun Dafa. “Intelligent people can see through the Party’s lies,” she said.

“I Witnessed the Amazing Effects of Falun Dafa”

When the practitioner on the other end told her about Falun Dafa, she said she knew the merits of Dafa from her own experience. Her father’s friend had a severe illness, and both his legs were paralyzed. The muscles had atrophied. He recovered his health by practicing Falun Dafa.

“I witnessed it with my own eyes. Soon after he began practicing Falun Dafa he could stand. Then he could walk. Later he could walk faster than most old men. He benefited so much from Falun Dafa that he taught others how to practice and became an assistant at a public practice site. He was arrested several times after the persecution started, but he remains diligent,” the teacher said.

Because she witnessed what happened to her father’s friend, she knew the CCP was lying about Falun Dafa. “The Party uses propaganda to slander a good person. They claim that they are bad. Then, they claim bad people are heroes. I’ve seen this countless times,” she said.

When her friends became ill, the teacher also downloaded the digital version of Zhuan Falun and recommended they practice Falun Dafa. “I didn’t practice myself because I was too busy,” she said.

Heaven Is Watching

When her school held a political campaign to force everyone to sign a petition against Falun Dafa, the teacher said, “I wrote down another name. I believe heaven will see my true intention.”

She said that people today are more deceitful and morally corrupt than good or honest. “The Party is so evil that it takes organs from practitioners while they are still alive. They pick Falun Dafa practitioners because they are healthy so their organs are healthy. That is a crime!”

The practitioner told her that a Canadian human rights lawyer said, “‘The organ harvesting crime is unprecedented on this planet.’ I say it is beyond the bottom line of morality. This plague appears as a virus on the surface, but the fundamental reason it’s appeared is that humankind is so corrupt.

“In the past, people were kind and they gave monks or cultivators food and water. Nowadays the CCP murders them and removes their organs while they are still alive. We believe this pandemic is coming for the CCP.”

“I Understand That You’re Saving People”

The teacher had some doubts, “Did everyone who died due to the virus do so because of heaven’s punishment? Why do practitioners so urgently encourage people to quit the Party?”

The practitioner explained that there are many good and kind Party members. Many of them are outstanding. The CCP always labels itself as “great, glorious and correct” so it wants these good and outstanding people to join it to prove that it is glorious and great. “Many doctors and nurses working on the front lines battling the pandemic were hastily pulled into the Party,” the practitioner said.

“When an athlete wins a prize, she or he must praise the CCP and give all the glory to the Party. When a person makes some contribution to society, the CCP quickly brings the person in—it’s like gilding a rotten apple.”

The teacher agreed, “My colleagues say that I’m a good person. But I refused to join the CCP because I didn’t want to be used like gold leaf to conceal a rotten apple.”

“You are very wise,” the practitioner said. “And to answer your question about the virus, the CCP’s many campaigns killed millions of people, more than all who died in two world wars. Most people understand that good is rewarded, and evil is punished—that is a heavenly principle. Disasters strike when people have done too many bad things. The Party is a rotten apple that heaven will eliminate. But many good people are Party members. If they don’t quit, they will be destroyed when it is eliminated.”

“Falun Dafa practitioners are urgently offering everyone a chance to quit the Party. The Party is heading for trouble because it is completely rotten. Gods are watching and good people who quit the Party will be blessed.”

The teacher said, “Thank you so much! I now understand that you are telling people the truth and trying to help them stay safe. I completely understand now. Thank you!”

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