(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa disciple in Wuhan who has been practicing for over two decades. Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, pulled me out of hell, gave me a new lease on life, and taught me to assimilate to the universal characteristics of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance so that I can return to my wonderful origin. I am very grateful to Master Li. After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus broke out in Wuhan, Master protected my whole family. Words cannot describe the immense gratitude my entire family has for Master Li!

Both my younger daughter and her husband are nurses at a major hospital in Wuhan. During the outbreak, my son-in-law, who was the primary nurse in the emergency section, came into contact with and encountered all kinds of patients. When the CCP intentionally covered up the outbreak initially, doctors and nurses were the most likely to be infected. In fact, quite a number of hospital staff who my son-in-law worked with caught the virus. My daughter and her husband were very afraid and anxious.

On January 18, 2020, a week before the Lunar New Year, we invited them home for a reunion meal. As it is the festive season, everyone should be in high spirits and joyful, but this was not the case. My son-in-law was rather quiet, anxious, and appeared dejected. I told both of them about Falun Dafa again and encouraged them to recite the phrases: “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” They took my advice and furthermore, as they had already quit the CCP a long time ago, they were blessed and did not catch the virus despite working in an environment surrounded by the disease.

My eldest daughter is a doctor at a hospital in Wuhan. She had to work for a month in the hospital’s fever section during the pandemic. She came into direct contact with patients with fever and some of them had the CCP virus. My second daughter and her husband, my eldest son-in-law, and my third daughter worked at different companies in Wuhan. They often flew around the country and took trains and public transportation, spending most of their time in Wuhan. None of them caught the disease.

The most extraordinary thing happened to my husband. He and his business partner decided to do construction work next to the Ehuang train station in 2020. On January 16, 2020, my husband drove his business partner to the site for inspection. In less than a week, he learned that his partner caught the CCP virus and was admitted to Changhang Hospital in Wuhan.

My husband was terrified that he would be infected. He quickly went to the hospital for blood tests and checkups, but the results showed that he was fine. Still, he was worried and suspected he had the virus. One moment he complained of discomfort in his chest, the next he said his limbs felt weak and his throat hurt, among other symptoms. Yet his temperature was normal.

On the afternoon of January 22, my eldest daughter took my husband to the hospital she worked at for a CT scan. The results appeared as if he had the virus. When my daughter told me the news, I was a little nervous but I corrected my thoughts at once: “I am a Dafa disciple. I must have faith in Master and Dafa.” I knelt in front of Master’s portrait and asked Master to help my husband.

My husband supports my cultivating Dafa. I was persecuted during the 2008 Beijing Olympics and sentenced to two years and three months in prison. In September 2014, I was reported to the police while clarifying the truth to people and detained for 10 days. These incidents made my husband fearful that I would be persecuted again and he kept a close watch on me. I asked Master to forgive him.

At around 8 p.m. that night, my daughter rang again. She said: “Mom, two doctors who are experts confirmed that dad’s lungs are normal after thoroughly going through the scans. He does not have any symptoms of the virus.”

During this dangerous period, everyone in my family was fine. My husband even avoided misfortune. Thank you, Master, for your protection. I believe they have been protected because they understand the evil nature of the CCP and have renounced their Party membership. They also know the facts of Dafa and support my practice.

As a Dafa disciple, in order to repay Master, I clarify the truth and assist Master in Fa-rectification. At present, there are still many people poisoned by the CCP’s propaganda who don’t know the truth of Dafa. Therefore, when the city was under lockdown, I obtained a certificate to go in and out of the district as a cleaner. I was able to talk to security guards, property management staff and a few vegetable vendors about Dafa, as well as hand out information and got them to quit the CCP.

One day, I was caught by the police while distributing materials. The officer wanted to punish me. That day, my employers asked me to stop working. Unlike previous occasions, this time I reminded myself not to be afraid. I recited Master’s poem:

What’s There to Fear

“If you have fear, they will grab youOnce your thought is righteous, evil will collapsePeople practicing cultivation, filled with FaSending righteous thoughts, exploding rotten ghostsGods are in the world, validating Fa” (Hong Yin II, Translation Version B)

I quickly made a phone call to my supervisor and asked to meet with him, hoping to clarify the truth to him. He turned down my request. I then sent him a text message. I wrote: “Mr. Xu, how are you? I am a cleaner in your district. Thank you for giving me the job, an elderly woman in her 60s. Because the outbreak is especially severe and there is no cure for it, I want to let more people know that Falun Dafa is good. Anyone who sincerely recites the phrases, ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness- Compassion-Tolerance is good,’ will be protected in times of danger. That is why I can’t wait to give out information to every household. You will receive blessings if you help me. I know you are a kind person. Those who do good deeds will enjoy peace in their life. I hope to hear from you!”

In less than 10 minutes, the manager replied, saying: “I will try to resolve the matter at the police station tomorrow and ask them not to punish you.”

Through this incident, I realized that whether we are clarifying the truth, asking people to quit the CCP or handing out brochures, as long as we have righteous thoughts and truly act for the benefit of others, the evil will be eliminated. The persecution will not happen then. It is just as Master said in the poem:

“...Disciples’ righteous thoughts are strongMaster has the power to turn the tide” (“Master-Disciple Grace,” Hong Yin II, Translation Version B)

Henceforth, I will be extra diligent in practicing cultivation, do the three things well, and do better telling more people about the facts of Falun Dafa.

Fellow practitioners, please kindly point out if I have said anything contrary to the Fa.

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