(Minghui.org) After Minghui.org published an article titled “Thoughts on the End Time for Fa Rectification and Prophecies” more than one week ago, I read it through on the same day. The following day I calmed down and realized many parts of the article were inconsistent with the teachings from Master. But I did not think further. For me, I knew that the best way would be to not become attached to anything, including prophecies mentioned in the article. I just needed to follow the Fa and do the three things well. 

About one or two days after the article's publication, I noticed a disclaimer was added to it and some other Minghui articles. The disclaimer reads: Editor's note: Views expressed in this article represent the author's own opinions, for which the author is solely responsible. Readers should evaluate the article's merits on their own. I did not pay much attention to it either. Later on I found out that every day there would be some articles on Minghui.org that carry this disclaimer. I began to wonder why.

Now I have come to understand that adding this disclaimer is necessary. After all, Falun Dafa practitioners in China cherish Minghui very much and they may think whatever is published on the website must be correct, even though some of the articles have actually reflected human notions of the authors. As such, such practitioners, especially those who are irrational or have strong attachments, may follow what is stated in those sharing articles or even print out those articles for distribution among everyday people, failing to realize that those articles were intended for practitioners.

For example, one article last year predicted a second wave of pandemic that would break out at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021 with a death toll of over 800 million. Because the article clearly specified the time and number of deaths, some practitioners in my area even thought that article had been approved by Master. Practitioners in one town even printed it out for distribution among everyday people. 

With the addition of the editor’s note at the end of some sharing articles, I think Minghui editors intend to remind readers that such articles only represent the authors' viewpoints. The authors would be responsible for the articles' content, and it is up to the readers to assess the articles' merit. In other words, these articles do not represent Minghui, let alone Master. It is only meant for exchange of ideas. 

Above is my personal understanding. If there is anything inconsistent with the Fa, please kindly point it out. 

Editor’s note: Many experience-sharing articles in the past also indicated they represent the authors’ personal viewpoints. But some practitioners did not take it seriously. They went to extremes and tended to interpret situations from their angle on issues such as security, use of cell phones, and looking within. They not only missed opportunities to improve their xinxing but also caused losses for themselves and other practitioners. 

Even phrases such as “please kindly point out any omissions” at the end of the experience-sharing articles failed to serve their intended purpose. Some practitioners often challenge others and criticize others with hostility when they read articles that do not conform to their own emotions and notions. They have failed to conduct rational discussions based on respect for each other. 

We hope the above additional editor’s note better helps practitioners to think for themselves and to treat others with compassion when reading sharing articles. 

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