(Minghui.org) Because I was educated in the “modern” education system, which is based on science and technology, I was biased against mi xin (blind faith). My understanding changed after I read Master Li’s teaching “What is Mi Xin:”

“What the two characters mi and xin imply is not something negative. Without mi xin in discipline, soldiers would not have combative abilities; without mi xin in their schools and teachers, students would not acquire knowledge; without mi xin in their parents, children would not be brought up well-mannered; without mi xin in their careers, people would not do a good job in their work. Without beliefs, human beings would have no moral standards; the human mind would not have good thoughts and it would be overcome by wicked thoughts.” (“What is Mi Xin,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

Practitioners have written articles about their understandings regarding recent world events, but I believe that no one can see the true situation—except Master. No matter how chaotic the situation appears or what doubts we have regarding the outcome, practitioners should remain steadfast and maintain firm faith in Master’s arrangements.

We may not understand why something happened or didn’t turn out as we expected. It is because our wisdom is limited and we cannot understand everything Master said and arranged.

To use an analogy, it is like a soldier on the battlefield who is given an order. It isn’t necessary for the soldier to understand the commander’s ultimate plan. He just needs to follow the order.

If someone is still puzzled, my suggestion is not to get attached to an event or its outcome. You are confused because you lack wisdom. If you calm down and study the Fa, many questions will be answered.

Master said,

“Diligence and Righteous Enlightenment

Don’t let up in studying the Fa;amidst it transformation happens

Let nothing sway conviction;of it comes right fruit and the blooming lotus(“Diligence and Righteous Enlightenment,” Hong Yin II, Translation Version A)

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