(Minghui.org) My hometown is in a rural area. After I retired, I moved to the city to take care of my grandchildren. 

I persuaded over 60 people in my family to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. Nine of them started practicing Falun Dafa. I visit my hometown each Chinese New Year, wedding parties, or celebrations for newborn babies to clarify the truth.

I take with me copies of the Minghui Weekly and truth-clarifying DVDs. I distribute them all over the village along with my elder niece so our folks can read truth-clarification materials. 

At the same time, I give all my relatives one copy for each family. Although it costs me a lot of money, it is worth doing.

Changed by Dafa: My Brother’s Big Smile

My sister-in-law started studying the Fa a few years ago. My brother agreed to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, but he never expressed his opinion. 

He was usually quiet. One of my family members told me, one evening my sister-in-law received a truth-clarifying phone call and told my brother about it. 

I told him: "I always say it to you directly, in person, as there is no need to talk by phone. Anyway, how fortunate a person is if he receives a truth-clarifying call.” 

My brother was ashamed and said, “I didn’t say anything bad about Falun Dafa.” When I returned from my hometown, I talked to a fellow practitioner about how difficult it was to help people. 

This made me look within. I was always eager to excel over others and didn’t even notice this attachment. Master has talked many times about how to clarify the truth to family members. 

I cannot assume my brother should trust me because he is my brother. Actually, I used human notions to force him, instead of compassion. In addition, I complained about him.

He didn’t feel well one day and had a small surgery at a hospital in the city where I lived. Before the surgery, my daughter and I told him some stories about Falun Dafa practitioners and related principles. 

Because there was a shortage of hospital beds, he left the hospital two days after surgery. Upon his return, he told us very happily that he was not nervous at all. 

He chanted “Falun Dafa is good” all the time in his heart and he was very relaxed and comfortable. I looked at my brother who had been very quiet and now he was very talkative with a big smile. 

My Niece Clarifies the Truth

I felt one of my nieces agreed to quit the CCP only out of respect for me or saving face. From her expression, it seemed she didn’t really understand the meaning of quitting the CCP. 

I used every opportunity to contact her and care for her. Once, I heard her in-laws were coming to visit her, so I brought them a precious gift a friend gave me and clarified the truth to them. 

They then quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, and they were very thankful for my visit. Later my niece told me her son had made great progress in his study and the teacher asked him to join the Youth League, but the son didn’t want to. 

The teacher asked why and he asked the teacher to talk to his mother. When receiving a call from the teacher, my niece said, “We don’t want to join. It is good to teach my son to be a good student, and that is all. Thank you teacher.” 

I am thankful for her change. The year before last, she told me sadly, her best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Thus, I asked her to give her friend some copies of Minghui Weekly, including Rescued from Desperate Situation, and an amulet. Later my niece told me her friend’s surgery went smoothly and she recovered well. In addition, she is quite successful with her family business. 

She puts truth-clarifying materials, including Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, in drawers of her office and gives them to her visitors to read. She is quite active in helping spread the truth by word of mouth.

Melting The Ice

My husband’s sister and brother-in-law work at an oil field. The brother-in-law is the Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection. 

They live a very comfortable life and have a vacation home near the sea. When I went to clarify the truth for the first time, they were opposed to it. 

My sister-in-law said, “I feel you are doing something in vain.” I felt quite sad as we only met at most once a year and respected each other. 

What she said was a xinxing test for me. In the second year, I spoke with my husband and suggested we should continue trying to help them. 

He was hesitant. I said, “Imagine there is a landslide and your sister was buried inside; don’t you want to pull her out?” 

I couldn’t go with him that day, so he went there alone. Upon his return home, he was very unhappy and said they asked him to leave. 

I also felt it was not an easy task. It was Chinese New Year, and my coworkers invited us to gather together near my sister-in-law’s home. 

After dinner, my coworkers bought some gifts and went to visit my sister-in-law’s house. In the living room, we were quite happy eating watermelon. 

I patted my brother-in-law’s shoulder and he seemed to understand I wanted to talk to him. We found another room to talk. 

I said, “Brother, you hold a high-ranking position, and I am happy for you. However, the most important thing is for you to be responsible for your life.”

I went on to say, “This is why I have come to visit you several times. We all know Falun Dafa is good all over the world. We know ‘quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations’ protects your safety. It is the will of heaven.”

He was hesitant and said, “My work is about this.” I said, “No matter what kind of work you do, if you can protect cultivators with your wisdom, you will accumulate boundless virtue for yourself. God is watching over you.” He agreed to quit the CCP..

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