(Minghui.org) We know to be respectful and humble when we study the Fa, because only then are we able to comprehend the true meaning of the Fa. However very few feel this way when we practice the five sets of exercises. Many are diligent when studying the Fa, but only a few know the importance of practicing the exercises. 

When we start cultivating, our ordinary bodies are constantly being purified when we practice the exercises. The exercises are so powerful and immense that they assimilate us to the Fa.

Master said,

“However high you want to cultivate to, this Fa is immense enough to accommodate that—this Fa is just incredibly broad and immense.” (“Teaching the Fa in San Francisco,” Lectures in the United States)

The Fa is so immense that it can genuinely guide us to high cultivation levels. No matter how high we cultivate to, the energy systems and mechanisms embodied in the exercises will always guide us to even higher levels, since they came about because of the wisdom of the Creator. When we are not as diligent as we should be in practicing the exercises, the changes in our body will slow down. Thus, we won’t be able to attain a high level of gong. Our supernormal abilities will become weaker and less powerful, which in turn will affect us when we are doing the three things

Persisting in doing the exercises with accurate movements, listening to Master’s directions in the exercise recordings, and doing the movements in a gentle, and slow manner, are all aspects of showing humbleness when we do the exercises. We have been cultivating for many lifetimes, but none of the cultivation practices is as immense as what we are practicing now. When an ordinary person is fighting for something they desire, they will be very appreciative when successful. How should we as cultivators treat the five sets of exercises after suffering for countless lifetimes? What reasons do we have to not treasure and respect them?

Some practitioners who are illegally detained create an environment to practice the exercises, ignoring that it is risky. This is because they know how precious the exercises are. What reasons should we have not to treasure them?

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