(Minghui.org) I just couldn’t focus for a long time when I studied the Fa. It was only when I studied the Fa online with fellow practitioners that I was able to focus. It seemed that it was the environment that helped me focus. Without other practitioners studying with me, I just couldn’t focus. During that time, I dreamed several times that I was cheating on an exam. I didn’t realize what the dreams meant. So I continued studying the Fa regardless of whether I could focus or not.

Later on, my eyes started to feel very dry, and my vision became increasingly blurry. Then I started seeing double after reading the Fa, especially when I was not cultivating well. My eyesight worsened. Sometimes my eyes even hurt when I read the Fa. I felt miserable, but my faith in the Fa was firm. Even if I was blind, I would still study the Fa, because my life is for the Fa. It’s the meaning of my life. 

I decided to send forth righteous thoughts more often. Then, I sent righteous thoughts whenever I had the chance, even when I was walking on the street. 

When I was back home studying the Fa, I could quickly focus and read with my heart. I figured that my sending righteous thoughts really helped.

I then decided to send forth righteous thoughts for an extra full hour straight each day. Partway into the hour, I felt like quitting, but then I persisted and finished a whole hour of sending righteous thoughts. I felt more and more powerful each time I sent righteous thoughts for a long time. 

When I study the Fa now, my heart can calm down, and I can focus much better. Meanwhile, my eyes do not hurt anymore, and I can see clearly even after reading for a long time. 

I am also more confident in my cultivation. I truly experienced that all of what Master has asked us to do is powerful. I hope fellow practitioners take sending forth righteous thoughts seriously, because it truly works.