(Minghui.org) I started a social media channel two years ago to expose the bad deeds of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) and the persecution of Falun Gong. My audience also enjoyed my explorations into the conspiracy of communism ruling the world, so I became a reputable host. 

Reporting on U.S. Election Fraud

I hesitated initially about whether I should report on the U.S. election last year, because it was not a hot topic at the time and not many people were interested in it. Many of my viewers also held negative opinions of Trump because of brainwashing from the mainstream media. I worried that my advertising income would drop if I followed this topic. However, I soon realized this was selfish, because the election was related to the future of mankind. So I changed my focus to the election. 

Just like I feared, the views on my videos reduced a lot. But a bigger problem for me was that I didn’t know American politics, so it took a lot of effort for me to write scripts. For a period of time, some viewers who were against Trump unsubscribed to my channel. But these obstacles couldn’t change my determination. I continued to report about the election fraud.

I understood that this media channel was one of my missions that could help those people playing positive roles in history, like the monk who helped Tang Taizong (Li Shi-min) when he was chased by the army of Sui, or the divine beings who helped Jiang Ziya. These stories have been shown on the stage by Shen Yun Performing Arts. 

Because mainstream media refused to report on the election fraud, more people became interested in my channel. My channel had more new viewers and subscribers than before.

I also focused on the role that the CCP had played in the election fraud. So I had many exclusive news pieces. This became an advantage of my channel. Some of the evidence was passed to President Trump's legal team.

I had to read a lot of news articles, and browse forums and social media. I had little time for sleep. I studied the Fa less and couldn’t send forth righteous thoughts on time. Looking back, I realized I needed to improve in these aspects as a cultivator.

Then came the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court's refusals to accept the case. Many Republican congresspersons betrayed Trump and confirmed the election result on January 6. The riot on Capitol Hill also silenced many Trump supporters. 

Many people were disappointed in Trump (for not implementing martial law and other radical actions) and lost interest in the election. I became worried and anxious too.

President Trump gave a speech and left the White House on the morning of January 20. Viewers’ became more depressed. It also defeated my claim that President Trump would eventually turn the tide.

My Understandings

Looking back over the past several months, I realized that our media and social media channels have improved a lot professionally. Many people have not only learned the evil nature of the CCP but have also come to an understanding that demons control the entire world.

Through the experiences of the President of the United States, a country known as the beacon and fortress of freedom and democracy, who couldn’t find justice in a widely corrupt and fraudulent election, people of the world saw the fearful fact that this world is indeed controlled by a colossal evil force. This realization is more important than whether Trump won a second term.

I noticed that more people have awakened. They have begun to believe in the existence of evil beings, gods, and Buddhas, and many have become interested in religion.

On the other hand, our media have matured more and have a better understanding of the mission of media.

We should not be attached to the results of an election. Our mission is to save more sentient beings through clarifying the truth about Falun Gong, exposing the evil nature of the CCP, and the fact that communism has infiltrated the entire world. Our efforts were not wasted from this perspective.

While following the development of events, I learned that many Christians weren’t attached to the election. They didn’t give up hope after Trump left the White House and believe God has a better plan.

President Trump didn’t take any radical actions and continuously insisted on law and order, even after suffering all kinds of suppression and framing. I think it is because of his solid faith in God. I am a little ashamed that my belief wavered for a short time.

Being Dafa disciples, we ought to do better than ordinary people and have a higher-level understanding. We can’t become attached to the result of an election, or expect a human being to turn the tide, or become depressed if the outcome is not as we expected. We must believe that Master has absolute control of the situation.

Now is the time for us to look inward and find our shortcomings in cultivation and improve. When all disciples rise to a higher level, the situation in the world will move toward a direction more aligned with the Fa.

My heart calmed down after I came to these understandings. I couldn’t predict the outcome of the U.S. election, but the Fa rectification process is arranged and controlled by Master. As long as we follow the Fa-rectification closely and do the three things well, we are on the right path.

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