(Minghui.org) When this round of the battle between good and evil in the human world ended with a change in the U.S. administration, I felt very depressed. I repeatedly recited Master's article, “On the General Election.” One night, I had the following dream.

I rode a huge bicycle. My legs were long and my head was so high in the sky, it felt as if I could reach up and touch the clouds. The street light turned red but the bike brakes did not work. I crossed the intersection by half a meter before I could stop. A large crowd of people were on the other side of the street. They began crossing as soon as the light turned green for them. I felt those people were beneath me, and that they had nothing to do with me.

When I woke up I felt ashamed. Practitioners should stay unaffected, but I crossed the red light which meant my heart was moved. I hoped that President Trump would be re-elected. My biggest hidden attachment was my hope that he would dismantle the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). But this is what gods do rather than human beings. We should not have put so much pressure on him.

Dafa is compassionate and merciful to all, but at the same time it’s solemn and dignified. Before Fa-rectification arrives, salvation is offered to everyone. Dafa disciples must be firm in our cultivation, and not waver.

I remembered the dream I had in 2019. I went up 2019 stories of a building. There was one more floor above me. It was the last floor, but my legs shook and my body trembled. I did not dare to go up. As soon as I pressed the elevator button I would go up to the 2020th floor, the last and highest floor. But I just did not dare to go up. Instead, I pressed the elevator to go down to the first floor. When I walked out of the building, the people waiting outside said, “What a pity, why didn't you go up to the last floor?”

I thought, “How could I go up?” It was still 2019. I could not know how well I would do the three things in 2020 and whether I'd firmly believe in Master and the Fa and be able to cultivate diligently. Now the year 2020 has passed—have I done well? Am I qualified to reach the top of the 2020-story building? Have we practitioners done the three things well with righteous thoughts and actions?

The world's people are making their choices—whether to side with good or evil; the media keeps reporting the uncontrolled mutations of the CCP virus as the big elimination draws closer. My true wish is: “Let's strive to save one more person, save more people.”

I took a nap during a recent lunch break at work. I dreamed of a beautiful newly renovated building that was spotlessly clean. A colleague told me that our homes were ready and that my position was assigned. As I looked around the room, I saw my belongings were already there. I felt assured and pleased.

The divine's arrangement is comprehensive. Any feelings we may have of disappointment reflect the instability of a cultivator's heart.

Let's not focus on human notions of justice or injustice. As practitioners, this is not what we want. We should stay unaffected and view the situation from the perspective of higher beings. The Fa-rectification is approaching the finish line, the new cosmos has been established. When we return to our positions the universe will celebrate. When the CCP disintegrates, only those who understand the truth will remain to witness the next step in the world and the sacredness of Falun Dafa.

This magnificent drama is about to come to an end and our great Master will get the infinite respect and admiration of all beings in the entire universe. Let those who side with evil act out for a short time. We should focus on cultivating ourselves well and saving more people. This is our mission and there is not much time left.