(Minghui.org) For several days the door to the driver's side of my car would not open. No matter what I did, I just could not open it. This had never happened before. I had no choice but to get in and out of the car on the passenger side.

I took the car to a repair shop and was told it might be caused by an internal cable. The guy told me it was a major job and he would have to take the door apart. He did not have time to do it that day and asked me to come back another day or go elsewhere.

Instead of going to another repair shop, I recalled that Master taught us to look within. I always drove this car when I took other practitioners to other towns and villages to hand out information about Falun Dafa. After September, I was busy with other things and I also had to print truth clarification materials. For nearly a month I did not go out with other practitioners to clarify the truth and save people. This is one of the three things Master asks us to do, yet I did not do it!

That night, I made arrangements with other practitioners to go out and clarify the truth the next day.

The next morning I discussed the problem with practitioner Jin. He said, “I agree with you about what caused it. Yesterday, the device I use to play Master’s lectures suddenly stopped working. Nothing happened even after I charged the battery.

“Even if you hadn’t mentioned what you did, I was going to talk this issue. We cannot just stay home and study the Fa and only think about our own improvement. We have to think of the people who are waiting to be saved. We need to go out, hand out information, and tell people about the persecution! After you asked me to go out with you to clarify the truth, this morning, my device played the music again!”

He said, “Because you found the reason behind the problem, your car door should open.”

Would the results be that immediate? I was doubtful. Yet, from my understanding of the Fa, it should not be a problem. I said, “You’re right, the door should open. Let me go home and try it.”

After clarifying the truth, I went home and tried to open the door. It did not open. I hesitated, but then a thought came to my mind: “Eliminate all bad thoughts that make me disbelieve in Master and Dafa!” I got into the car through the passenger side and I thought, “The door will open!” I pressed the unlock button and the door opened! It was fine!

I was excited beyond words. I kept saying in my heart, “Thank you, Master! Thank you, Master!”

Even though this was seemingly just a minor thing, it was very important. When I found the cause of the tribulation from the perspective of the Fa and acted to rectify it, the door worked again without being repaired. I know it stopped working because I let up in my cultivation. When I did not pay attention to clarifying the truth, even my “precious horse” (the car) I use was trying to point this out.

Master gave me such an obvious hint. From this experience I understood how urgent it is to save people!

Master said,

“While in this world, a Dafa disciple is to do well in spiritually developing himself and fulfilling his historic mission of helping me to save people. The very reason that human society still exists today is so that Dafa may save people. It’s about time you woke up, isn’t it?!” (“A Strong and Urgent Warning”)

I share the above to encourage other practitioners. Please kindly point out anything wrong.