(Minghui.org) Part 1: Falun Dafa Practitioners Outside of China Benefit from the 18th China Fahui

To help with the cultivation of Falun Dafa practitioners in China, Minghui has been holding annual online China Experience-Sharing Conferences (China Fahui) since 2004. 

The 18th China Fahui was held between November 9 - 21, 2021, with 38 articles published on the Minghui website. While the articles were exclusively written by practitioners in mainland China, they greatly inspired practitioners outside China to do better in their cultivation. 

Some admired practitioners in China for having an unwavering heart to continue practicing no matter how trying the circumstances. Others said that reading the articles was a process of improving together while some admired Chinese practitioners for being so steady and dedicated in their cultivation.

Belgian Practitioner Realizes She Lacks Conviction

Ms. Rong, who lives in Belgium, has practiced Falun Dafa for more than two decades. She shared her thoughts after reading the article “How I improved My Xinxing in the ‘Zero-out’ Campaign and Harassment I Faced.” Ms. Rong said, “Looking back at my cultivation journey, I experienced a similar process. In the beginning I was determined to practice cultivation. Although I did not know how to cultivate, I was able to put Dafa as my priority. There is less evil in other dimensions now. Cultivating in ordinary society requires one to be strict with oneself, yet I cannot treat cultivation solemnly. For example, I know I should not be complacent but I often feel helpless and cannot strictly require the highest dedication of myself. I was no longer diligent and I began to relax.

“After reading the article, I realized I lacked conviction. The author persisted in practicing cultivation, studying the Fa in spite of the huge mental pressure she was under and improved her xinxing. After reading her article I realized I should persevere in studying the Fa and constantly align my thoughts as well as actions with the teachings.”

Canadian Practitioner: Practitioners Both Inside and Outside China Improve Together through Reading the Articles

Ms. Wang from Canada has always been on the front line clarifying the truth at tourist spots. She said that practitioners both inside and outside China can improve together through reading the articles.

She said the practitioner who wrote, “Validating Dafa Wherever I Am” only thought of saving people despite the dangerous environment in China. In comparison, Ms. Wang felt that she did not do enough and needs to be more diligent. She wants to join in more truth-clarification projects and save more people.

Ms. Wang said, “There are many projects outside China which give us opportunities to save people. I participate in clarifying the truth at tourist spots. For three years, during the tourist season, I go to Niagara Falls once a week. Every day many people take Dafa brochures and some took up the practice. Usually when I do the exercises outdoors Master [Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa] brings predestined people over to learn about Dafa and some begin to practice. I carry Dafa brochures with me and give them to those who come to my house to do repairs. I even clarify the truth to the mail carriers.”

She said, “In the past two years due to the pandemic there are fewer tourists. But we know how pressing it is to save people.” When there are few tourists or not many practitioners come to the tourist spots to clarify the truth, Ms. Wang feels disappointed. But Master still brings predestined people to her. 

Ms. Wang recalled, “Last year in October it was already very cold. I did the exercises in the park with another practitioner. A young man from Russia joined us. He later told me that from the end of September to then, for over a month, he did not know why, but there was something that pushed him to ride his bicycle for 15 minutes after work every day. He would ride to the local park. He simply sat every day and watched cars driving by for 40 minutes. One day he saw us doing the exercises. We usually do the exercises in the morning and occasionally return to the park to do the exercises in the evenings. He recently returned to Russia to visit relatives, but he continues studying the Fa and doing the exercises online.”

Ms. Wang concluded that practitioners in China and overseas are one body. “We should listen to Master unconditionally, save people and be more diligent!”

Practitioner in Switzerland: I Admire Chinese Practitioners for Practicing Steadily and Tenaciously

Ms. Lin from Switzerland was deeply moved by the elderly practitioner’s article: “I Only Walk the Path Master Has Arranged for Me.” The writer successfully held onto the ebook reader she used to study the Fa while in prison, despite going through hundreds of body searches. 

Ms. Lin thought it was a miracle. She has respect for this practitioner’s righteous thoughts and looked at herself. In such a relaxed environment, did she regard Dafa as her life blood? She realized: “The gap between me and that practitioner is huge!”

She also had a lot of respect for the author’s steady, kind and tenacious actions in: “A List of 71 People Who Quit the CCP Organizations.” Seventy-one people, although it is not a big number, every one of them quit the CCP after the practitioner broke through his ego and steadily, patiently persuaded them. Ms. Lin knew this was not an easy feat for someone who is introverted and does not like to talk. Furthermore, the practitioner sincerely helped others whether they quit the CCP or not. Before and after they quit, he continued to treat them the same so that they realized how good and kind practitioners are.

Ms. Lin saw that she did not do as well as other practitioners. She wanted to give up and find excuses for herself, thinking: “‘Since others can do things better than me, then let them do it instead.’ But this is [Chinese Communist] Party culture, focusing on results instead of trying one’s best. In contrast, the writer did not get as many people to quit the CCP compared to other practitioners. But he did not give up and tried his best according to his ability. Regardless of the results, he persisted without pursuit.” Ms. Lin realized she lacked tenacity and gave up too easily.

Practitioner in Norway: Practitioners’ Sharing Makes Me Treasure Our Predestined Relationships with Other Practitioners

Ma Gun, a practitioner from Norway, did not attend group Fa studies for some time. She felt that practitioners were unhappy with her and she thus developed resentment.

She was moved by the article “Cherishing Our Predestined Relationships with Other Practitioners.” Ms. Ma said, “Reading this is just what I needed. Many times, I feel that practitioners are upset with me and it makes me have negative thoughts towards them. I then avoid these practitioners. I realized that these are human attachments, resentment, and an inferiority complex.”

She saw that these thoughts caused a rift between herself and other practitioners. After reading the article, she knew that these conflicts or problems are in fact opportunities for her to improve in cultivation and are good things, and she should not avoid them. She resolved, “I must get rid of my bad notions and cherish my relationship with other practitioners.”