(Minghui.org) I feel lucky to be a Falun Dafa adherent for 23 years. I recently skirted death, and wanted to express my gratitude to Master Li (Dafa’s founder) in one sentence: It is only because of the protection of the great and compassionate Master that my life continues today.

One day, about four years ago, I felt a hard lump in my breast. It became bigger and bigger, harder and harder, and more and more painful. Within two months, a hole as big as a date had formed and I could see that the tissue inside was rotting and bleeding.

I was thinking, “With Master and Dafa, I will be fine.” I was convinced that both Dafa and Master are omnipotent. I held on to this thought: No matter how long it takes, my belief would never change.

I've never attended school so my thinking is plain and simple. In the past four years, no matter how this tumor developed, how big and hard the growth became, how bad it looked, or how much it hurt, it didn't prevent me from going out to distribute truth clarification materials to people. When I was dizzy, panting, and unable to walk, I would just squat down and rest for a moment.

During that time, I heard that my neighbor also found a lump in her breast. She went to the hospital and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even though the doctor operated on the tumor, she died a few months later. My belief in Master Li has never been shaken by what happens to people around me.

Over the past four years, I cried when I was tortured by pain. My husband doesn't cultivate but supports my practice of Dafa. He wanted to tell our two sons about my condition, but I insisted that we not let the children know. 

Having Master and Dafa in my life meant I would be fine. I would only follow the path arranged by Master. All this time, I have been holding firm in this belief, and I haven't told any relatives, or other practitioners, except one.

Now is the time to reveal what I experienced because the pain that plagued me for four years is gone forever. The rotting hole in my breast has healed, and it doesn't hurt anymore. My breast is back to normal.

In the future, I will study the Fa more, do the three things well, and follow Master so I can return home.

Thank you again, Master.

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