(Minghui.org) While we were rescuing practitioners arrested for practicing Falun Gong, we passed one tough test after another when we clarified the truth to the local officials and the police. We told them about people they knew who’d incurred karmic retribution for participating in the persecution and that has effectively deterred them.

Although one practitioner remained incarcerated, which I believe is related to his own cultivation state, we did not give up. We used this opportunity to clarify the truth to his family and everyone we met.

Right after the police arrested the practitioner, we visited the practitioner’s family many times to ask them to work with us to rescue the practitioner. Again and again they berated us and turned us down. We did not give up. Eventually our persistence moved them and they agreed to work with us. We started by having them read information about the persecution and encouraged them to write to the government officials. Once they had a sense of justice, we took them to the government offices to demand the practitioner’s release.

Master says,

“Furthermore, who among these 100 million people doesn’t have family, children, relatives, and friends? Is it a question of only 100 million people?” (“Some Thoughts of Mine,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

For years we failed to include practitioners’ families in our efforts to counteract the persecution. They did not exert the positive impact they supposedly should. Instead, we allowed the evil to exploit their reluctance and persecute practitioners at will.

We came across an incident in which an arrested practitioner’s relative intimidated the police and made it possible for us to clarify the truth.

Practitioners and several family members of the arrested went to the local procuratorate to demand the practitioner's release. A clerk tried to put them off, claiming that the people in charge did not come in that day. A young man said, “Falun Gong practitioners? Arrest them!”

Out of nowhere, one of the relatives slammed the table and said, “You can try. Which law did I break? Isn’t this the ‘People’s procuratorate?’ How come We the People can’t come in? How come you don’t work for the people? Instead, you bully the people. Chairman Xi said that people can have belief but you arrested my relative for his belief. Who do you work for?”

The young man was as quiet as a mouse. The noise had brought everyone out of their offices, even those upstairs. The practitioners took this opportunity to hand out fliers with information about local people who had incurred karmic retribution for persecuting Falun Gong. Everyone took the fliers and some agreed to quit the CCP.

What happened there was something we never could have imagined, and it was all because of the arrested practitioner’s relative. Master arranged it and it was up to us to carry it out. We had abundant righteous thoughts and clarified the truth rationally and wisely.

Doors that had been tightly shut before were opened to a path to save the local people and stop the evil.

The police often drove their cars with the sirens on to practitioners’ homes for no good reason. They arrested and incarcerated the practitioners and ransacked their homes with no thought of the consequences. They did not care what would happen to the practitioners and their families. The arrests gave the practitioners and their families a bad name.

Many officers from the local police station have already incurred karmic retribution, including two well known secretaries of the city’s Political and Legal Affairs Committee.

After the practitioners put together the information and distributed it to the police and residents, there were few arrests and incidents of harassment. Most of the arrests are now made by the Domestic Security Office of the city’s police department.

The family members of the arrested practitioners also filed criminal complaints and letters of complaint about police misconduct. Sometimes people in the offices would give the families a tip about who could best help with their cases.

The procuratorate has already returned one practitioner’s case to the police department. This has never happened before.

Later this practitioner’s family went to the procuratorate and complained that the domestic security staff still refused to release the practitioner and were continuing to search for evidence to charge him. What we plan to do next is to encourage the family to file a complaint against the Domestic Security Office.

A practitioner once took a family member to the mayor’s office. The special police in city hall wouldn’t let them in because of the pandemic. He even refused to help them forward their documents, which contained a letter of complaint, a criminal complaint, and information on the retribution cases. The family was told to go to the Office of Appeals.

When the family and the practitioner went to the Appeals Office, the receptionist refused to accept their documents. As they were leaving, an officer with the special police at city hall drove up to the Appeals Office in a police vehicle and said to the family member, “Give them to me. I’ll forward the documents for you.”

None of these things happened by accident. In recent years that officer also participated in making arrests. It woke him up when he saw his superiors suffering the consequences of ordering and carrying out the persecution.

Reflecting on our rescue efforts, I came to the conclusion that practitioners in China must have a certain amount of legal knowledge. Even if they don’t yet, they should not think that the law in China is useless. That would amount to falling into the old forces’ trap. The old forces do not want practitioners to know the laws so that they can persecute them however they choose.

Think about it. The main culprit, Jiang Zemin, will eventually be publicly tried. Won’t he need to be tried based on the law? Now we can use the laws correctly to help stop the persecution. We are also preparing to try Jiang and others who have participated in the persecution in the future. I recommend that practitioners visit the Justice Forum website to learn and ask legal questions. I thank the practitioners who put that website together.

This sharing is based on my current understandings of the teachings. Please point out anything that deviates from the teachings.