(Minghui.org) My children called one morning saying they wanted to come over for lunch, so I began to make preparations.

While sitting on the couch, sorting the vegetables, I picked up the remote control and started to watch a Korean drama on NTDTV. I didn’t normally watch soap operas, but I was hooked on this one. I watched it for a while before going to the kitchen.

After my children left in the afternoon, I turned on the TV, but there was no signal. I turned the cable box on and off, but there was no power. I picked up the cable box and noticed water underneath. I quickly disconnected the power, wiped off the water, and set up an electric fan to blow on the box.

I plugged in the cord to the cable box in the evening, but there was still no power. My son brought a hair dryer and blew on the box for 30 minutes, but it still didn’t work. First I talked to the cable box, hoping it would cooperate and turn on. My son said that the cable box was probably broken and that I should get a new one.

I later studied the Fa, and, after a while, a scene from the soap opera appeared in my mind. I realized that I shouldn’t have watched the program.

I pressed my hands together in front of my chest and admitted my mistake in front of Master Li’s portrait.

I continued to study the Fa and finished a lecture. I turned on the cable box before I went to bed. The power came on this time. I connected the box to the TV, and the signal came back as well. I got emotional and thanked Master for hinting at the need to let go of the attachment of watching soap operas. I also understood the seriousness of cultivation.

We need to do well in the final stage of Fa-rectification. Our thoughts and actions cannot deviate from Dafa.

I still like to visit Taobao (a Chinese online shopping platform) on my mobile phone. I do not want Master to worry about me anymore. Therefore, I should study the Fa more, study it well, eliminate my human notions and attachments, and cultivate diligently.