(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa at the end of 1998. From the profound teachings, I knew how to conduct myself in everyday life. My tense relationship with my husband’s parents improved, and my family became calm and harmonious. My father-in-law has practiced Chinese medicine for a long time. He heard bits and pieces as I listened to Master’s taped lectures. He said to me excitedly, “Falun Dafa is beneficial to one’s health. Let’s all practice this.”

However, everything changed after the Chinese Communist regime launched its persecution of the practice in July 1999. Day and night, newspapers and TV stations across China broadcast fabricated news defaming Falun Dafa. My coworkers, classmates and friends changed their opinion of me. My family, too, believed the lies on TV. From time to time, my father-in-law called me to his room at midnight and interrogated me. My mother-in-law cursed me and sometimes she suddenly opened my door in the middle of the night for fear I would beat my son (her grandson) to death. My husband went along with his parents and treated me coldly. If I tried to defend Falun Dafa, they said I was infatuated with the practice and had become irrational. People around me were deceived by the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) lies and I was surrounded by hostility. I felt very sad.

My family was fearful of my friendship with fellow practitioners. They were scared that it would bring unnecessary trouble. I was especially upset by one incident. I was imprisoned in a forced labor camp for refusing to give up my belief. My workplace fired me upon my release and I went to a big city far away from home to open a shop. A friend who practices Falun Dafa traveled four hours to visit me, yet my husband refused to let her in. She had to leave hurriedly after saying one sentence to me.

I was already feeling exceptionally lonely, in a foreign place. Being able to see another practitioner made me feel better than seeing a relative, but this practitioner was chased away by my family. I felt terrible but could not express my feelings. I thought that I must change the situation. At the very least, we should have a normal life.

I said to my husband solemnly, “You have your circle of friends. I too have friends. I don’t interfere with your relationships, and similarly, you shouldn’t interfere with my freedom to have friends. There is no danger in me being friends with other practitioners. Don’t believe the lies spread on TV.” I clarified the truth to my husband whenever I had the chance. Gradually, my husband began to relax. He observed that my actions and everything about me was absolutely normal. Furthermore, I maintained compassion and handled things with an open mind. As time passed, my husband stopped giving practitioners the cold treatment when they came to see me. He later realized that practitioners are good people who are considerate of others. He began to encourage me: “Why don’t you invite them here for a meal? I will cook something nice for them.”

As my husband realized that Falun Dafa was wronged, he watched the videos of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party with me. I told him, “You are able to know the facts about Falun Dafa in detail because I practice it. But most people aren’t so fortunate. They believe what is said on TV. In China, practitioners don’t have the opportunity to speak out. That is why we go out to clarify the truth to people. We have only one objective: that is to clear up the misunderstandings that people have about Falun Dafa.” Over time, my husband became increasingly supportive of me as I used various means to spread the truth about Falun Dafa.

He even went out with me to hand out informational materials. He did not object when I spent money imprinted with messages about Falun Dafa or put up information clarifying the facts. I felt very gratified. I knew he chose to do a good deed after understanding the truth about Falun Dafa. However, it is a pity that the majority of the population in China is not so fortunate and continues to be misled by lies.

I later installed NTD TV in our home. After watching it for three days, my husband said, “If one-third of the population in China watched NTD TV, the CCP would be in trouble. I will get my friends to install this tomorrow.”

My husband has now helped his friends renounce their membership in the Party and helped me get many people to quit the CCP as well. He has received huge blessings for spreading the truth. During the current pandemic, businesses are not doing well yet his business was not affected at all. In fact, his business is exceptionally good. My husband’s parents gradually changed their attitude towards me and Falun Dafa because I treat them well. My mother-in-law has begun to practice Falun Dafa.

My husband has personally witnessed the beauty of the practice and clearly saw through the CCP’s lies. He curses the Party for its evil deeds but many people are not so fortunate. I hope more people can understand the truth about Dafa and be blessed.