(Minghui.org) A Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive is small, exquisite, and beautiful, and it can hold a great deal of information. I have helped many people learn the truth about Falun Dafa using this device.

One day I gave a USB flash drive to a 40-year-old man, and he said, “Thank you, Ma'am.” I said to him: “I hope you are safe and peaceful in your life.” I went to the other side of the road and bought a pair of socks. When I looked back, I found that he was looking at his mobile phone with full attention. The USB flash drive was plugged into his phone, and his eyes were bright. He seemed excited and pleased as he watched. I was very moved to see his reaction, and I felt more motivated to do this. 

I have been distributing USB flash drives face-to-face to awaken people's conscience for several years, and have given away 30 USB's every week, more than 120 a month. I have experienced many amazing things. When I distribute it, many people who have accepted it will say, “I know this is a good thing.”

One time I passed by a shop that had its door open. On seeing that there was a computer inside with six or seven people doing something with it, I went in and said to them: “I would like to give you each a good thing.” The person next to the computer asked: “What good stuff?” I took out USB flash drives telling them how good it was. Six or seven of them watched it at the time. 

One day, I talked to a parent of a student on the bus. I said: “The plague is not over yet, and air infections cannot be prevented. Many people have died in Wuhan, the whole country, and the world. The virus mutates very fast, and it is dangerous when you are infected. Life is so precious that one can have it only once, but there are also people who have recovered. I would like to give a USB flash drive from which you will get to know how they have recovered from this disease. The content in it is rich, and it contains information you don’t know. There are also stories, videos, etc. which are beneficial to those who watch it.”

She asked if it is about Falun Dafa. I answered: “Yes. Falun Dafa is Buddha Law that awakens people's conscience.” She asked me for a USB flash drive saying that she would watch it at home. I also added: “This USB flash drive is very precious and cannot be bought with money; I hope that you will cherish it.” She answered: “OK.”

People Accept USB Drives

At the vegetable market, I gave someone a USB flash drive, and he asked if it was a good one. I said it worked quite well. He took out a mini speaker from his pocket and inserted it in, and he then heard a loud voice: “Sound of Hope Radio”, everyone around could hear it. He immediately pulled it out and put it in his pocket with a satisfied smile and left.

A white car stopped near me that day. Two young people got out of the car. I handed a USB flash drive to one of them. He said: “No Falun Gong stuff!” On hearing this, the lady immediately told him: “One of my friends is a Falun Dafa practitioner. I would like to see what is going on with Falun Dafa.” And she happily accepted it.

One day when I was strolling on the street, I saw a couple and I told them: “I wish you happiness and would like to give you a USB flash drive.” The man accepted it, but the woman said straightforwardly: “Who wants Falun Dafa things?!” She snatched the flash drive and gave it back to me, with the man looking at me helplessly. I continued to walk forward and came to an underground street. I saw that man again with the woman selecting clothes. I went to him asking him quietly: “Do you still want that drive?” He answered: “Yes, I want it.” I quickly handed it to him. He was very happy as if he had a treasured object. He then put his hands together and said: “Thank you.” 

On seeing three generations (a grandparent, a mother, and a girl) sitting on a stool in the square of the department store, I went over to give them a USB flash drive. The old man immediately refused it, and I then told that seven or eight-year-old girl: “This small thing is very good and it has stories, movies, it will awaken your conscience, and it will prevent you from catching pneumonia.” The little girl understood and said: "Yes, I want to have it." I then gave it to the girl. The old man laughed, and her mother laughed, too. I continued: “You won’t catch pneumonia after you all watch it.” After hearing what I said, they all smiled. I wished that the little girl would have good health and good grades in her studies. The little girl was pleased to answer: “Thank you and goodbye.”

There is no choice when it comes to awakening people's conscience. Once, I saw a military vehicle parked on the side of the road with two young soldiers next to it. A soldier was looking through the trunk and the other soldier was watching him. I went over to the soldier who was watching and said, “I would like to give you something good.” He was very pleased to take it. I wanted to tell him more but he put his index finger to his lips and said, “Sshh...,” which meant: “I see, but I don't want the other soldier to see that I have accepted it.” I know that the army is very strict, but with Master’s ingenious arrangement, soldiers accept the USB's, too.

I often carry USB drives in my pocket to distribute. I give them away to people in shops, hotels, restaurants, Internet cafes, large or small vegetable markets, clothing markets, large and small shops, car repair shops, wedding venues, bus stations, and on local and out-of-town buses. I've also left my footprints at the entrance of the school, and a hospital. My daughter (who does not practice Falun Dafa) often takes me with her when she drives to other places. I always have USB flash drives with me. Sometimes I run out of them and feel sad for some missed opportunities.

Escaping Danger

On the streets we can see people come and go but don’t know what they are doing. Sometimes we run into plainclothes officers. Once I saw someone neatly dressed in leather shoes with a leather briefcase. I thought he might have a computer, so I went over and said to him, “I would like to give you a good thing.” 

“Are you practicing Falun Dafa?” he said. “Where do you work? Show me your ID! Let’s go to the police station!” He wanted to drag me along. At that time, my heart was beating very hard. He spoke very professionally. It seemed that I really had come across a policeman. I also objected: "What do I need an ID card for when I'm just walking down the street? Does anyone know what you are doing?” At that time, my righteous thoughts were so strong that he was baffled by what I said and his evil spirit was gone. He left as if nothing had happened.

In the course of distributing USB drives, I have run into policemen. This time I saw three people on the street, walking together, I took the initiative to tell them: “It appears that you are all good people, I would like to give you a good thing.” One of them was very annoyed and said: “We don’t want it.” They left. 

But, within a minute the three people came back again, as if they had guessed that I was practicing Falun Dafa. One who looked like a leader said, "You just don't look at what we do. Look at the clothes we are wearing. We are working for the Public Security Bureau! You even dare to distribute this. Are you practicing Falun Dafa?” I answered, "I haven’t thought that much, but want to give it to a good person. If you have watched it, it will always be good for your life.” He then asked: “What a good thing you are giving us?” I answered: “A USB flash drive.” I then told them about the contents in the USB flash drive. They each asked me for one. I continued: “If you have your relatives and friends watch it, it will be beneficial to them.” They said: “Please don't say more. It’s okay, you can go now.”

During the holiday of the wicked Party last year, I was taken advantage of by the evil because of my attachments of joyfulness and doing things and I was arrested and detained. After I was released, my fear came out, and I didn't want to distribute flash drives anymore. I just wanted to talk to people and distribute fliers on the street instead of distributing USB flash drives. My children also told me: “It is so dangerous for you to distribute information like this. This makes us have our hearts in our mouths. Please save us a lot of worry!”

When fellow practitioners encouraged me to resume, I felt wronged, thinking: “You don’t know how difficult it is to distribute USB flash drives. More people ask me for information about it, but few accept it. Some people follow me, some report on me, some are yelling ‘Catch Falun Gong’ in busy places, and still others accept a USB drive and then throw it under a car. I will pick it up and distribute it again. Sometimes I have to walk for a few stops until I have given all of them away. In all kinds of weather, I have been distributing them. The key is that I don’t know what sort of people I will encounter in the course of distributing them.”

Once, I came out of an underground and gave a USB flash drive to two people who yelled that they wanted to catch me. At another time, I was on the underground street and gave someone a flash drive, but he called the police without listening to me. Once on the third floor of a clothing store, I gave a USB flash drive to a male shop assistant. When a female shop assistant found out, she shouted: “A Falun Dafa practitioner has distributed something here. Close the door on the first floor and catch her!” I left through the back door quickly.

I had a dream one night just in these days when I was struggling as to whether I would still distribute flash drives. I dreamed that my daughter and I were walking in a sugarcane forest. The sugarcane was dark purple, and the canes were thick, strong, and tall. I said: “This sugarcane grows so well that we should be careful and not touch them.” The next day I told my son about this dream, and my son said: “It meant that you have saved a lot of people by distributing flash drives, which is a big harvest.” I think it was Master who gave me a hint: “It seems that I still have to distribute the USB flash drives as the Fa-rectification is not over yet. 

Now I feel it’s easier to distribute USB flash drives than before. Many people who have been aware of the truth all say that it is a good thing. Some people ask me for one more or two, saying they are going to give them to their friends; some say that he does not want it, but the people behind him are rushing to ask for it; some ask: “Is it about Falun Dafa? Is it about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations so that we can be safe in the future?” There are still people who want to pay for it; still others say: “You don’t need to tell us about it, but I know what it is.” Sometimes when run out, people will ask me to go home and get more. 

Awakening people's conscience with a USB flash drive is a new project. A USB flash drive can hold a lot of information, especially the video in it is very intuitive and the effect is very good. You can watch and listen to it on mobile phones, computers, and U-port players. You can listen to it all the way on a long-distance bus, or watch it on a TV or computer, and the whole family can watch it together. You can watch and listen to it at any time on your phone. It can achieve effects that other informational materials cannot.