(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998 but stopped when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched the persecution in 1999. I fell for the CCP's lies and propaganda and wrote a guarantee statement to give up practicing Dafa. In 2006, with the help of other practitioners, I returned to cultivation.

Returning to Dafa

With the help of other practitioners, I resumed Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) cultivation in May 2006. I published a solemn statement on the Minghui website that I would cultivate in Dafa to the end.

I worked in a government bureau as a deputy director at the time. I said to Master Li in my heart: “Master, I have lost so much precious time in cultivation and must quickly catch up.”

Master opened up my wisdom and let me understand a lot of the Fa principles. I realized that Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is the Fa of the universe and that Fa-rectification period Dafa practitioners must do the three things well.

At first, I distributed informational materials and CDs about Dafa in the hallways of residential buildings, but I was scared. As my fears gradually subsided, I began to give out the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to my relatives and acquaintances.

To be able to talk to people face-to-face and confidently respond to their questions or help alleviate their doubts, I read two books, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and Disintegrate Party Culture. I also studied sharing articles in the Minghui Weekly.

Master said:

“If you are without the Goodness (Shan) that a Dafa disciple has, then you are not a cultivator. If a Dafa disciple cannot validate the Fa, then he is not a Dafa disciple.” (“On "The Dignity of Dafa,"” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Helping Friends and Family

I went to where I used to work to clear up some personal matters and spoke to former colleagues, but I didn’t dare mention that I practiced Falun Gong.

I had a dream that night in which I was sitting on a bus with other passengers. The bus stopped, and I got off. When I looked back, the bus was on fire. I ran to the bus and rescued the other passengers one by one. I realized that Master was giving me a hint that I should hurry up and awaken people’s sense of right and wrong. Since then, I always tried to find opportunities to clarify the truth to people.

I visited a friend and took with me the Nine Commentaries and Zhuan Falun. Her husband was a Party secretary and was nearing retirement. After chatting for a while, I told him, “I've started practicing Falun Gong again. Falun Gong is being persecuted. The self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square was fabricated. It's a lie.”

Her husband said that he didn't have a good impression of the CCP. I told him that withdrawing from it would ensure a bright future and remembering that “Falun Dafa is good” would bring him blessings.

He accepted what I said and agreed to quit the CCP.

A few days later, my sister invited me and one of her friends to dinner. In the past I had given my sister Zhuan Falun to read. As soon as I entered her home, she said, “It's amazing! I've read half the book you gave me. One day when I was using the pressure cooker, it exploded, and soup splashed all over me. But it was cold and I wasn't hurt at all.”

I said, “Dafa's Master protected you.” When I told her friend about Dafa, she quit the CCP for herself and her husband. I asked her to explain the truth to her husband when she got home and gave her a copy of the Nine Commentaries and a Dafa amulet.

In the fall of that year, my husband was invited to celebrate the birthday of a former coworker. All the invited guests were government employees. He asked me to come, too. I prepared truth-clarification brochures and the Nine Commentaries. Waking up early the next morning, I felt dizzy and vomited. I realized that this was the old forces interfering with me, trying to stop me from helping Master awaken the conscience of sentient beings.

I begged Master in my heart, “I must go to the birthday party today.” I sent forth righteous thoughts and studied the Fa. I was fine by the time we had to leave for the party. That day, 11 people quit the CCP and I gave out many brochures and copies of the Nine Commentaries.

In 2008, I attended two school reunions and helped more than 30 people quit the Party. Before I retired, I helped a dozen people at my workplace quit, and several people asked for the Nine Commentaries.

Resolving Family Issues

My father-in-law had a stroke and was bedridden. My mother-in-law was in poor health and needed to take medicine all year long. My husband is a manager at his workplace and was having an affair. He often left home at night without saying a word and sometimes didn't return home all night.

My husband doesn't support the family financially, so it falls on my shoulders. At first, I felt sad and wronged and was unwilling to do it. But after practicing Dafa, I started to live according to Dafa's principles. I stopped quarreling with my husband, took good care of my in-laws, and supported the whole family.

My granddaughter was born in 2008. So that it wouldn’t affect my cultivation, my son hired a nanny to take care of her. I studied the Fa with other practitioners three days a week, and in the afternoons I went out to distribute Dafa informational materials and talked to people when I could. My son's apartment building is next to mine. My daughter-in-law went back to work after her maternity leave, while the babysitter and baby stayed in my home, and I looked after the baby at night.

When my granddaughter was less than a year old, my son and daughter-in-law divorced. My granddaughter lived with my son. Their sudden break-up made me cry for days—it was like the sky had fallen. My mind was preoccupied with my granddaughter in those days, and I couldn't stay calm during Fa study and when I was doing the exercises.

I hated my son for not looking after his family and was also afraid that my granddaughter would be a burden on me and affect my cultivation. My attachments of resentment and self-interest grew. 

A practitioner said to me, “You have a great affection for your granddaughter. Let it go, and come to the Fa study group.”

I went, and after a few days of Fa study, my mind became clearer. I realized that, as a cultivator, nothing happens by accident, and I should just follow the course of nature.

I developed a routine. In the mornings, I participated in group Fa study; in the afternoons, I went out with other practitioners to let people know about Falun Dafa; and in the evening, if someone was home, I went to the storage room to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts. If no one was home, my granddaughter and I would listen to Master's Fa lectures and I would play the music “Pu Du” to her and we would watch DVD's about Falun Dafa.

No matter how tired I was, I still studied the Fa and recited Master's poems over and over again.

My xinxing quickly improved, and I no longer resented my husband and my son. And they are not angry at me. I prepared them good food when they came home. My husband's mistress even came to my home. I let go of jealousy, treated her kindly, told her about Dafa, and helped her to quit the CCP.

My granddaughter asked me, “Grandma, why are you so good to her?”

“We also need to awaken her conscience,” I replied.

Face Tribulations with Righteous Thoughts

When talking to people about Dafa in person, I sometimes encountered people who cursed me, hit me, or spit on me. One even threatened to shoot me. I was able to remain calm, look inward, and send forth righteous thoughts.

At the beginning of 2017, a practitioner and I spoke to a young man and gave him software to circumvent the Internet Firewall.

Later, after we had moved on, a police car drove up and two police officers dragged us into their car. The young man we had just met was sitting inside. The other practitioner and I looked at each other, which meant that we should send righteous thoughts.

At the police station, a tall officer punched me in the mouth, dragged me into a room, and handcuffed me to a chair. I was not afraid and asked Master to reinforce my righteous thoughts to eliminate the old force factors controlling the officer and not allow the evil to manipulate him to commit more crimes against Dafa.

The officer searched my bag, in which I had a few bills with messages about Falun Gong printed on them, anti-censorship software, and truth-clarification CDs. He put them on the table, and said, “This is the evidence we need! Tell me your name!”

I didn't say a word and just sent righteous thoughts. He left and went to see the other practitioner. Two young men then came into the room. I told them about Dafa and asked them the surname of the policeman who had just left. They said his name was Gao and that he was the deputy director of the police station.

Over two hours later, Gao returned, took me to another room, and locked me in a cage with a person with tuberculosis. I thought that tuberculosis had nothing to do with me, so I sent forth righteous thoughts and recited the Fa.

I recited “On Dafa” over and over again and Master's poem “Righteous Thoughts:”

“Swift like lightning, soaring to cosmic heightsMighty like a thunderbolt, reaching beyond heavensSweeping across the cosmos, no place untouchedEliminating altogether all that’s decayed and deviant”(“Righteous Thoughts,” Hong Yin IV)

I felt that Master was by my side, and I was not afraid of anything. After two more hours, the tall police officer took me back to the other room. He had a much more relaxed attitude.

He asked me my name. Instead of answering I said, “Let me recite the Fa for you.” I started reciting “On Dafa.” He called two young policemen to unlock my handcuffs. We were released that night.

Thanks to our compassionate and great Master for guiding and protecting me, and also to fellow practitioners for their selfless help.