(Minghui.org) We are all cultivating practitioners, so we will encounter this or that tribulation.

Master said,

“Cultivation practice must take place through tribulations so as to test whether you can part with and care less about different kinds of human sentimentality and desires.” (Lecture Four, Zhuan Falun)

Sometimes it is difficult to overcome the tribulation, so a practitioner would ask for help from Master. However, the results can vary depending on how you ask.

Once an older practitioner’s son-in-law died after falling from the third floor of a construction site. She couldn’t lift herself out of the sadness and was taken advantage of by the old forces.

A fellow practitioner told me her story and said that this older practitioner had not been able to eat for several days and was dying.

I hurried to pay her a visit. She lives in a remote mountain village and the road is difficult to navigate. When I finally arrived, she was lying in the bed and rather weak. She was short of breath and her complexion appeared to be very yellow and wrinkled.

“Have you asked Master to help you?” I asked.

The answer was yes. So I asked her to repeat to me how she had prayed to Master.

“Master, please let my illness go away, please let me eat, get up from bed, and work in the field. Please let me study the Fa and practice the exercises.” She said.

I thought that her requests were selfish, and her main consciousness was passive. Certainly Master couldn’t grant her wishes.

Master said,

“Though the master tells them not to go after it or pursue it, they do not believe it. They keep pursuing it, and in the end, the results turn out to be just the opposite.” (Lecture Two, Zhuan Falun)

So I told her to change how she prayed to Master. I told her to say to Master that some beings were preventing her from getting up, eating food, and studying the Fa and doing the exercises.

She turned to a photo of Master and prayed, “Master, this evil being doesn’t allow me to eat, get up, study the Fa, and do the exercises. I can’t beat it. Please help me Master!”

I went to study the Fa with her three days later. She was completely normal. She sat straight and her complexion appeared soft and healthy.

I shared the story of her overcoming the tribulation in the local Fa study group. Everyone more or less had some understanding of the seriousness of cultivation practice.