(Minghui.org) When my husband and I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1994, we studied the Fa teachings and did the exercises every day. Then we set up a practice site at our home.

We operated a repair shop out of our home, which kept us busy. In 1998 a customer brought in a large aluminum canister with a crack in the cap. He wanted it repaired with a weld. My son said he’d try to weld it. He readied the equipment and asked me to help. I told him to check and see if there was any alcohol left in the canister, which could cause it to explode. He checked and said it was okay, so we began to weld.

My husband arrived just then. Suddenly the canister exploded, making a loud noise and creating a big fireball. The shock waves shattered the windows in the house behind us. My hair caught fire, and my face was blistered. I used my bare hands to put out the fire.

My husband was thrown about a story high into the air and then fell on the concrete floor. His face and forehead hit the staircase as he landed, and he sustained a deep cut that bled profusely. One of his legs was fractured above the ankle.

The neighbors came running when they heard the explosion. They found my husband laying still on the ground. He was unconscious and didn't open his eyes. One doctor said not to move him, so we waited for him to come around. When my husband woke up, we took him to the hospital.

The doctor stitched up his face and forehead without anesthetic and put a cast on his calf. My husband did not use any medication after returning home. All he did was read Zhuan Falun. Sometimes, fellow practitioners came to our home to study the teachings with us. My husband would sit on a bench while I played recordings of Master’s lectures for him. He did not seem to suffer much throughout the incident.

His calf started to itch about 40 days later, so he sawed the cast open. His leg hadn’t healed yet, so he closed and re-sealed the cast. He had seen a protrusion on his calf caused by the fracture. He would not be able to walk if the bone healed that way. But he thought, “I am a practitioner. Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, is in charge. I will be fine.”

Sure enough, the leg healed completely, with no protrusion, in three months. I thought it was amazing.

My face was scarred and my children worried that it would stay that way. I told them not to worry because I practiced Dafa and Master Li would help me. A few months later the scarred skin peeled off and a new layer grew in. Everyone marveled at Dafa's healing power.

Master has shouldered so much and eliminated much karma for us. Otherwise, the explosion would have been disastrous.