(Minghui.org) I would like to share some thoughts after reading Master’s new lecture, “Another Stern Warning.”

Five to six years ago, an elderly practitioner who had just moved to our area told me about a 50-year-old female practitioner in her hometown.

She said this female practitioner was very diligent in her cultivation and had supernormal abilities. Once when she was detained by the police, she had one thought of getting out, and she immediately found herself outside of the detention center’s tall walls.

When the female practitioner was followed by the police for putting up Dafa posters, she could get away by levitating into the air. She could also have the telephone poles bend down so she could attach the posters, and then become upright again. Because of her abilities, many practitioners asked for her help in solving problems.

Due to my attachment of curiosity, and admiration for people with supernormal abilities, I met the practitioner a few days after the elderly practitioner told me about her.

To my surprise, she looked weak and small, with a nearly 90-degree humpback. Her mouth was over-sized for her skinny face. I did not feel good upon meeting her.

She actively shared how steadfast she was in cultivation, and told stories of how she used supernormal abilities to save people. She later said that she had a plan to build a childcare center in our area to teach traditional culture because she had success in the past. I did not think too much about it, and agreed to help. She later called me many times to push for it. My daughter (also a practitioner) and I felt that parents would not be very receptive especially because of her appearance. I also sensed in her a strong attachment to making money, so I rejected her after some thinking.

After that, I didn’t hear much about that female practitioner. Earlier this year, the elderly practitioner told me that she had passed away. She heard that this practitioner had begun “treating” fellow practitioners who were experiencing sickness karma, and making money from it. One female practitioner’s husband paid her 2,000 yuan.

The elderly practitioner continued, “The night before I met her for the first time, I had a very clear dream that in our backyard, a huge toad appeared. It scared me. I then saw this toad shake its body and become a human, with a huge mouth and a humped back. The next day, this practitioner came to my home. She looked exactly like the person in my dream. I had doubts in my mind at first, but later when I heard her talking about how she used supernormal powers to save people, I gradually let my guard down. After hearing that she passed away and that she actually made money from Dafa practitioners, I thought about sharing my dream.”

A few of us were shocked upon hearing this, especially after we read Master’s new lecture “Another Stern Warning.” We realized that we have been having serious issues in our cultivation.

For example, when I had sickness karma, I always wanted to look for some convenient ways or ask practitioners with supernormal abilities for help. I treated what they could see as the truth. This kind of behavior has given the evil a perfect environment and has negatively impacted our cultivation. I hope we can all learn from this and walk well the cultivation path Master arranged for us.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.