(Minghui.org) My daughter was extremely ill after she was born, and often needed hospital treatment. I changed my job so that I could be with her during the day, and went to work at night. My husband was career orientated and never took care of our family.

My daughter's misfortunes continued throughout her life. She broke her toe when she was two, broke her arm when she was three, and got mumps and meningitis at five years old.

She had learning difficulties in her early years and my in-laws often said not very nice things about her. I changed my job again so that I could spend more time helping with her education. I just wanted to prove to my husband's family that my daughter was smart and could be successful.

She was awarded a place in the provincial high school given her excellent mathematics results. She won first prize in the city level competition, which saved me the school fees of 12,000 yuan. However, all along my daughter’s health had been extremely poor.

She fractured her thigh in the school games. Teachers and classmates came to visit her, but nobody from my mother-in-law’s family did. I never got on with my mother-in-law.

My Daughter and I Start Practicing Falun Dafa

A neighbor lent me the book Zhuan Falun in April 1998. I liked to read it as it taught people how to be good, but I never finished it because I had to hurry to my parent's home to look after them. I did, however, learn the Falun Dafa exercises before I went.

I did the exercises in my spare time, and before long I felt that my heart condition had improved and I no longer felt tired riding my bicycle to and from work.

It was just like Master Li Hongzhi said,

“… you will feel that your body is light, as though treading on air. In the past, you would be tired if you walked a few steps, but now it is very easy no matter how far you walk. You feel as if being pushed while riding a bike, and you are not tired when going upstairs—no matter how many floors there are. It is guaranteed to be this way.” (Lecture Eight, Zhuan Falun)

After experiencing these remarkable improvements in my health, I hurried home and asked my neighbor where I could buy Zhuan Falun. After I got this treasure I studied the Fa and practiced the exercises whenever I had time.

My daughter also started practicing Falun Dafa. Dafa opened her mind and wisdom, and she was admitted to the provincial university. Dafa also gave her a healthy body, and she has never needed any medicine again. Falun Dafa has been deeply rooted in her heart.

Getting Rid of Resentment

My father-in-law entertained his relatives in a luxurious water park restaurant to show that he had a successful career and has a happy family. I was invited too. My daughter told me to hold back my resentment toward my in-laws no matter what happened. I reluctantly agreed.

When we got there, my in-laws had yet to arrive. My daughter and I sat in a corner. My two sisters-in-law came together with my in-laws. My daughter grabbed my hand and walked up to my mother-in-law. I acknowledged her presence, and said, “Mom.”

My mother-in-law passed me, almost knocking me over. My daughter held my hand and took me back to our seat.

The thought of being humiliated in front of others brought tears to my eyes. I knew that I should forbear, so I wiped my tears and went to the bathroom.

My mother-in-law also happened to go there. I opened the door for her and did the same again when she came out. After dinner, it was suggested that we have a group photo. I was standing at the end when my mother-in-law walked passed. She tripped and was about to fall, so I stretched out my hand and caught her. After the group photo, my mother-in-law called my husband over and told us to take home some of the leftover food. My daughter looked at me and smiled.

Since then, I often took my daughter to visit my mother-in-law and she never again said anything bad about her.

Helping My In-laws

In the spring of 2002, my in-laws were informed that they had to knock down an outbuilding that was built illegally. They were not the only ones to receive the notice. My mother-in-law was anxious as it had to be done in three days and she couldn't find anyone to help.

My husband’s sister lived with her but one of her hands was disabled. Her other sons and daughters-in-law didn’t have time. Only my husband could help after work, but he was in charge of the general logistics of his company and always busy.

I told him that I would go. My in-laws didn’t think that I could do it but were pleased that I offered.

My father-in-law, nearly 86 years old, walked to the supermarket, despite needing crutches, to buy me some fruit. My mother-in-law cooked lunch for me.

The small outbuilding was not easy to dismantle, and the place was filled with building materials such as floor tiles and wood. I spent a whole day emptying it.

Everyone else hired strong laborers and they were well equipped for this kind of job. I was 50 years old and still got the job done on time.

My husband and I were taking some of the wood home from my mother-in-law's on our bicycles. As we came to a turn, a car behind us was beeping the horn. I quickly moved to the side to let him pass, but I hit the curb and fell off my bike. The handlebars went into my ribs.

The car stopped to see if I was okay, but I said that I was fine and he could go. However, I found it difficult to breathe. My husband helped me up, and we cycled down the hill.

After I got home, I found my ribs and buttocks were severely bruised. My husband went to bed while I stayed up to do the Dafa exercises. After finishing them, I could breathe normally.

I woke up after sleeping for only an hour and felt perfectly fine. I later made some food for my mother-in-law's lunch and cycled to her home.

My mother-in-law was very pleased to see me. “I thought you wouldn’t come anymore as you were exhausted yesterday. I called you and tried to tell you not to come, but nobody picked up the phone. I'm really glad you came.”

She took out a small cloth bag and handed it to me. It was money for tearing down the outbuilding. I said that I couldn't accept it.

“You're better than my daughter,” she replied. “You're my eldest daughter. Of course I should give you the money.”

Since then, my mother-in-law always told my husband to look after me. When my mother-in-law was seriously ill, my husband and I were by her side most of the time.

One day, I went home to make dumplings for her. When I just finished, my husband called me and we took the dumplings to my mother-in-law’s house. As soon as I entered the room, my mother-in-law, who lay in bed, said to me, “Falun Dafa is good!”

I was taken aback because she wasn't interested in what I had to say about Falun Dafa before.

She continued: “Falun Dafa has made my daughter-in-law take good care of my silly son. Falun Dafa is good!” My mother-in-law gave me one of her rings and I warmly accepted it.

Dafa has resolved my over 10 years of grievances with my husband’s family!