(Minghui.org) Some miraculous personal experiences from two practitioners and a non-practitioner friend in China.

I Was Saved after Being Electrocuted

I bought a small electric fan on July 15, 2015, but the plug-in cable was too short. Around 4 p.m. that day, I found a socket attached to an old-fashioned wire and decided to plug in the little fan. In order to test the length, I first plugged it into the wall outlet, and I pulled the other end to the position I needed. Seeing the length was just right, I sat on a stool to see how the back of the old-style socket was connected. At first glance, the metal wire inside the cord at the connection was half exposed, and several thin wires had been detached. 

I had completely forgotten that the other end of the socket in my hand was still plugged into the outlet on the wall. I held the socket in my left hand and took a small screwdriver in my right hand to loosen the small screw attached to the wire. I stretched out two fingers of my left hand to hold the disconnected wire and I used my thumb and index finger of my right hand to straighten out the wire. As soon as my index finger touched the bare part of the wire, I was suddenly jolted upright by a strong electric current. I stood up straight, both my hands raised up, and my index finger was stuck to the wire. I could feel the current penetrating my entire body, and then I lost consciousness.

I didn’t know how much time passed, but I suddenly clearly saw the following: my right hand with the wire stuck to it seemed to be pulled down forcefully by a huge hand. The electric current in my body quickly passed from both of my legs up through my arms and hands and disappeared all at once, then my arms dropped back down.

I gradually returned to reality. My mind was slow and my arms were sore and weak. I looked down at the wires and screwdriver on the ground and I suddenly remembered what happened. I dropped to my knees and cried out repeatedly, “Master Li (the founder) saved me!”

Thinking back, how could I very clearly see myself being saved when I was unconscious? I realized later that my primordial spirit had left my physical body and I saw how Master had saved me.

Had it not been for Master’s intervention, I would have definitely died.

For more than ten days after that, I could not use towels to scrub my arms when I bathed. They could only be gently touched. The skin on the surface looks normal, but my arms felt extreme pain if I tried to scrub them. It felt like my flesh had been burned.

Master’s grand mercy is infinite, and Dafa is boundless!

The Motorcycle Hit My Leg

One day in the late summer of 2019, I was about to cross a street. I saw no vehicles coming so I went ahead. Just as I reached the middle of the street, I suddenly heard a “bang,” like something hitting a wall. A motorcycle appeared on the right, swaying left and right and lurching forward but managed not to fall over. The driver was about 50 years old, and there was a woman on the back seat. The driver yelled, “Why don’t you look behind you?” I realized that I was in his way, so I quickly said, “Sorry, I am sorry! Fortunately, you are okay.” The people on the motorcycle saw that I was older than they and perhaps they also realized that they violated the traffic rules by driving in the opposite direction, so they quickly sped away.

After I got home and took a shower that night, I noticed that my right calf had a purple streak about five or six inches long. It felt painful to the touch. Only then did I realize that the motorcycle had hit my calf, but I didn’t feel anything at the time. I didn’t think such a loud sound was made when their motorcycle hit my calf. I didn’t realize what was happening. I felt it was a miracle!

Once again, Master protected me. Imagine what would have happened to me, an old woman in my 70s, if I hadn’t practiced Dafa and had Master to protect me. 

Friend Survives Being Hit By a Car

Three years ago my friend who is almost 70 years old rode her bicycle to pick up her grandson from elementary school. Suddenly a strong impact hit her bike from behind, knocking her down and throwing her a few meters. She lost consciousness and her bike was badly mangled.

Fortunately, many of her old colleagues were also picking up their children. They stopped the car that hit her. They contacted her family and told them she was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. She regained consciousness.

The next morning she was sent to the ultrasound room for examination, and the result showed no internal injuries. However, her entire back had turned black and purple. Everyone felt relieved. The doctors and her family were surprised that there were no internal injuries from being hit so hard. She was discharged from the hospital and returned home after a few days.

My friend told me afterward that she did not give the driver a hard time because she remembered how I told her similar stories and that we should not blackmail. She only let the driver pay for part of the medical treatment. 

In addition, when the doctor sent her to the ultrasound room, she remembered, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” She repeatedly said these words, and she felt no pain the entire time. She said, “I was bruised so badly. How can my internal organs be okay?” I said, “It’s because you remembered, ‘Falun Dafa is good’, Master Li pushed out all your internal injuries, otherwise it would have been horrible. You’re almost seventy years old. You really avoided a big disaster. From now on, you have to remember to say those words when you go out.”

When the CCP virus (coronavirus) began spreading, I called my friend’s family to see if they were okay. She said, “You can rest assured that my whole family is well, I know what to do. When the epidemic is over, we’ll have a good get together.”

The above personal experiences and my friend’s story are a fraction of the amazing experiences people have had. I sincerely hope that people will think about this carefully. Why do these elderly people who have been brainwashed by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) for most of their lives and experienced decades of lies and deceit, trickery, and murderous politics, choose to believe that Falun Dafa is good? That’s because thousands of people have benefited from Falun Dafa’s upright teachings and have become moral people and upstanding citizens. 

Should we abandon mankind’s traditions? Our ancestors always believed in and respected the divine. Or should we turn away from God and align ourselves with the CCP that worships atheism and Marxism? 

It is really heart wrenching to see thousands of people from all walks of life and ages lose their lives in this global pandemic which was caused by the CCP’s cover-up. How many innocent lives have been and will be killed by the CCP’s deeds and lies!