(Minghui.org) An American businessman who claimed to be a Falun Dafa practitioner recently came to Weihai. He said he often traveled between the United States and China.

He told a local practitioner that Shen Yun Performing Arts was not able to perform due to the impact of the CCP virus – named after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) because of its constant cover-ups and disinformation. Some cities had to refund the tickets after incurring expenses for costumes and props. He asked for donations from practitioners in China.

The practitioner then sought financial support from local practitioners who were well-off. I heard one donated 700,000 yuan ($102,423.03 US), and others donated less.

Another practitioner reported the situation to the Minghui website, then shared her thoughts with the first practitioner. The first practitioner did not agree with her and said that it depended on each person’s understandings. And she is still encouraging others to donate.

We should treat this matter with rationality and look at the situation based on the Fa principles.

Master said,

“Since you’ve brought this up, I want to state that no one is allowed to solicit or collect funds without my consent. I have sternly told the practitioners involved in Fei Tian College’s construction project that they are not allowed to raise money among practitioners! Some of our practitioners accept other practitioners’ money or ask practitioners for money in the name of fundraising for Dafa projects, yet they don’t have financial and accounting management in place and have used the money recklessly. Some people are swindling others. Some started off with good intentions, but when they started seeing lots of money they began to hoard it for themselves. Or in some cases, people kept a portion for themselves and gave the remainder to practitioners or Dafa projects. These problems… I wonder what’s going to become of you in the future?”(“Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”)

This is a serious matter and we need to be cautious. We should follow Master’s teachings if we don’t know what to do. We have reached the end of Fa-rectification, and it is very important that we walk our path well!