(Minghui.org) In the spring of 2001, another practitioner told me about Yanxi, who lives in a remote area in the mountains. She said, “Yanxi does not have internet and is unable to find Falun Dafa scriptures and information to read. She has a young child to take care of and can’t leave home. She would like someone to deliver material to her but is aware that she lives far away, about six or seven hours by train. Is it possible you could go?”

Although it was far and the fare was high, I agreed to go. I thought perhaps Master Li had arranged for me to go. After all, nothing is accidental. The other practitioner said she would prepare and bring me all the materials I needed to take.

So, five or six times a year for nearly eight years I delivered Dafa information to this practitioner. Regardless of the weather, I went. 

My First Trip

The first time I went, I got the materials, purchased a train ticket, and left at dawn the following morning. After seven hours on the train, it was getting dark. I took a taxi to the street where Yanxi lived, but I could not find her house. I asked several people, but no one knew her. 

I was now hungry, tired, and worried. I kept going, knowing I was a practitioner, and with Master and the Fa, I would find her. I searched for two more hours before I knocked on a door—and there was Yanxi.

It was a happy surprise for Yanxi to see me. I explained that everyone else was busy, so I came alone. She was very happy with the information I brought her. It had been a long time since she’d seen any new Dafa materials. Her excitement was contagious. I stayed with her for two days, and we shared our experiences. Both of us improved.

Delivering Scriptures for the Next Eight Years

I paid my own travel expenses myself the first year. Yanxi wanted to give me 200 yuan the second year, but I wouldn’t let her. The following year she wanted to pay me again, so I took the money but gave it to our local workshop to produce Dafa brochures. I did not get a pension, and I depended on my daughter, so I led a simple life.

During the eight years I delivered information to Yanxi, I went in all kinds of weather. I wanted to get the scriptures to her as soon as possible so she could improve in her cultivation. 

It was not always smooth sailing, and there was interference. I had a dream one night that I was bringing Dafa materials with me through the ticket gate, when a black dog and a person dressed in black demanded to know where I was going. I said, “The next stop” and kept walking.

I was scared when I woke up. I felt certain that the dog in my dream meant the police. Should I go, or should I wait a few days? I hesitated, then I began to send righteous thoughts. I realized that I was a cultivator and should go. Only an everyday person would be scared. I was a Dafa disciple. I used the Fa to evaluate what I was doing and that was the most righteous thing. No dream could stop me. I decided to go and was calm.

Another time I was going to buy a train ticket for the following day when I heard that there was a bus that arrived several hours sooner than the train. But it cost 20 yuan more than the train ticket. To save time, I chose the bus and bought a ticket. At the bus station the next day, I could not find my ticket. I was sure I had put it in my purse. Why couldn’t I find it? The bus drove away without me.

I was upset. I’d spent 50 yuan in vain after a busy morning, and I’d missed the bus because I could not find my ticket. This was interference and a loss for me. I dumped out the contents of my purse, and, sure enough, there was the ticket. But it was too late. I was annoyed but could not let this interference stop me—I had to move forward. So I purchased a ticket for the next day.

Delivering Materials for the Last Time

I remember the last time I delivered materials to Yanxi. I carried a large bag of Dafa scriptures and information on the four-hour bus ride to her place. I did not know she had moved. I searched for four more hours and still could not find her.

It was a cold winter night, and I was exhausted and worried. I thought about staying in a hotel. But first I returned to her former home and asked neighbors where she was. They gave me her new address. It was late when I finally arrived.

Yanxi was thrilled to see me and amazed at all I’d gone through to find her. She invited me to stay with her for two days. We exchanged cultivation experiences. Later, she bought a computer and was able to access the Internet herself, so I no longer needed to travel to her home anymore.

Looking back at the eight years I delivered materials, I suffered quite a bit and eliminated many attachments. This young practitioner was able to read Dafa scriptures and other information in a timely fashion, enabling her to improve in her cultivation. My efforts were not in vain; I felt gratified.