(Minghui.org) My leg was broken when I was hit by a car. The bone was splintered so the doctor attached a steel plate to hold the bone together.

As a practitioner, I think of others first and so I didn’t ask the driver to pay for the medical costs. The driver was very touched by this and quit his membership to the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. We became friends afterward.

Sometimes my leg was very sensitive when human attachments manifested in my mind. For example, I developed jealousy or admiration when fellow practitioners became more energetic or when their grey hair turned black. Such attachments were taken advantage of by the old forces. My leg began to hurt and swell so badly that I could barely put on a sock, and pus exuded from the nail bed of one toe.

My heart was not moved. I knew it was just an appearance on the surface and an opportunity to elevate my level. I needed to work on my cultivation and get rid of my human attachments. I spent more time studying the Fa and doing the exercises, both in the morning and in the evening.

I sit in the lotus position while studying the Fa, which causes the other leg to press right on the damaged nail. Day after day, the skin wore out due to the pressure. One day when I was meditating, I saw something that looked like a nail head in my leg. I gently lifted the flesh a little and saw the nail that was previously loose, and removed it.

However, the wound didn't heal after the nail was removed and pus kept oozing. I didn’t do anything since I wasn't worried about it. I continued to shower every day.

My son is not a practitioner. He insisted that I go to the hospital. I talked about this with fellow practitioners. Some suggested I should remove the metal plate in my leg since it wasn’t part of my body. Some said that one thought is enough to determine the outcome. Some said that if my cultivation level is not high enough, I should take an ordinary human approach to remove the plate. I had doubts in my mind and decided to go to the hospital.

I asked the doctor to remove the plate. The doctor said it would be very difficult and risky because the surgery could result in infection in the bone and make the situation much worse. My son was scared. But I knew in my heart that an infection wouldn’t happen. I’m a cultivator, not an everyday person. The doctor’s concern may apply to an everyday person, but not to a cultivator.

I kept studying the Fa and doing the exercises while I was hospitalized. The nurses checked on me every two hours. I could do the exercises between their visits. I sent righteous thoughts more often and spent most of the time studying the Fa and listening to Master’s recorded lectures.

Later on, the doctor told me that my case was too complicated and they couldn’t do anything. I was discharged from the hospital.

Five years later, I accidentally found that the steel plate in my leg was gone. It disappeared. I knew Master must have removed it in another dimension. Thank you, Master.