(Minghui.org) I am a Dafa practitioner in Japan. Upon reading Master's new Jingwen, “Another Stick Warning,” I realized what I've done wrong. I would like to clarify some facts in relation to the two articles Chen Wenrui published in my name, as well as some of my reflection upon the issue.

How Chen Wenrui Published the Two Articles in My Name

When I first met Chen Wenrui, she told me she had come to Japan in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, but could not return to Singapore due to the spread of the virus. She told me that she would be going to Italy to study in the future so that she could design name brand clothing for the future humanity, etc.

She was staying at a practitioner’s home when she first arrived, but was later asked to leave. When I asked her what had happened, she began telling me about her supernatural capabilities and what she had done with the capabilities. She also said that she had a mission in Japan, etc.

I told her about the bit of capabilities I had and what I could see. I also pointed out her attachments and where she had fallen short. She insisted that she was right and that she had been treated unjustly by other practitioners. I was a bit taken aback, thinking: As a practitioner, how is she not able to look within?

I suggested that she have a chat in good faith with those concerned, to try to resolve the problems. She said that none of them answered her phone calls and would not share with her. She said she had ways to resolve the problems.

I was fascinated by her when she talked about supernatural capabilities, due to my own attachment to showing-off. When I was about to leave, she asked me to write an article to prove that she was innocent, and that she had been wrongly accused. I told her that I needed to think about it when I got back home. Just then, the landlord (a fellow practitioner) also joined in and tried to persuade me to help Chen, saying that she was really pitiful. They also showed me their cellphones, and said that many fellow practitioners were writing articles to speak up for Chen.

Being moved by human sentimentality, I agreed. I gave an oral account while Chen typed it out. I felt as if something was controlling me at the time and I said everything Chen needed. She would give me a hint, and I would say things along that line of thought, as if she were saying it herself. I asked her why it was like that, and she just looked down and didn’t say anything.

I wanted to think more about my account when I got back home, but Chen pushed me to get it out quickly. So in the end I agreed that she would send it out. I felt rather awful, as I did it against my will. Then I went back home.

I thought the article would be sent to the local Dafa association in Japan first for review, but Chen sent it directly to the Dafa association in Singapore. When I asked her why she sent it there, she said it was to prove her innocence, and that practitioners in Japan were speaking up for her. I don’t know if she also sent it elsewhere.

On my way home, a local practitioner called me, so I told him what had happened. He asked me if I had read the notice from the local association. I said I hadn’t. He told me that the article had already been sent to him and he felt it was wrong for me to do so. I told him I had the same feeling about it myself.

I felt really bad when I got home, so I called Chen and left a message to say, “I don’t agree to send out the article. Please delete it.” I called her again the next day to tell her to delete the article, but she said she had already sent it out, and it could not be deleted.

I then went to explain to the local association, and was told that I could explain what had happened at the big group Fa study. Later, those followers of Chen called me every day, saying that Chen was wronged, and yet I was not speaking up for her.

I thought I should resolve the issue in good faith according to the principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,” so I agreed to write another article at Chen’s request.

I wrote in the article: Dafa practitioners in Japan should look within, and practitioners in Singapore should also look within. When we all improve based on the Fa and elevate our xinxing, the issues will be resolved nicely.

I sent the article to Chen, but she called me and said it wasn’t good and needed to be revised, indicating that I hadn’t written it according to her requirements. In the end, I agreed to go to her place again to get it fixed. I took a wrong bus on my way to her place. This was in fact a hint from Master telling me not to go. But I failed to see the point, and went anyway.

When I got to her place, she told me that everything I said in the article was no good. I told her I couldn’t write about what she was doing, so she rewrote the article herself, in which she pushed practitioners in Japan completely to the opposite side and wrote everything based on her own notions. She read it to me after she finished it. I felt that my mind was being controlled, and I didn’t take in what she was reading. I felt really awful inside. I was so muddle-headed that I even agreed to send it out.

When she was writing the article, the expression in her eyes was very strange, and her state of mind also appeared rather weird. She was very happy and excited after sending out the article. I was shocked when I saw the expression in her eyes. She was on cloud nine, in a rather abnormal manner, as if an evil had shown the cloven hoof. When she realized that I had noticed something about her, she quickly dropped her head, and moved away to talk with someone else.

Four people were there at the time, including a child. I went over to talk to Chen, but she ignored me. So I went home. I felt very bad after leaving their place. Chen sent out the second article written in my name to many others, including chat groups of various projects, which caused a very bad impact.

My Reflection on the Issue

I looked deeply inside myself to determine why I have been so tightly under Chen’s control, including my attachments and things I said in my first article trying to prove Chen’s innocence.

There were words in that article that did not come from my heart. Thinking back, I realized that I said those words under the control of evil beings. Four or five days after the first article was sent out, they kept sending messages into my mind “You did the right thing. You were right.” On two occasions, those beings came to me as a mass of grey stuff, the size of a fist. Once when I was doing the second set of exercises after work, I opened my eyes and saw it coming. But this time, it came in the image of a Bodhisattva. I said to it in my heart, “You are a fake. Would a Bodhisattva ever come out from a garbage chamber?” Then, it left.

When I was writing this article, I could recall Chen’s behavior, her manners, and the expression in her eyes... Those things proved to me that she is evil, without even a tiny bit of kindness.

I have found that she not only used my name, but also many others’ names to write articles to validate herself. I have also noticed that Chen used different ways to control people when she shared with various practitioners. She used their varied attachments to control them in a way that was hard to detect, just like the way I was trapped in. I feel deeply ashamed regarding my own faults.

When I was sharing with a fellow practitioner, she said to me, “You have been living overseas for a long time. You don’t know that this is how the evil tries to transform jailed practitioners in China. They make you attached to them like a magnet. Many people deviated from the right path unwittingly.”

When I thought deeply, I realized that this was a very frightening matter. Taking one wrong step in cultivation could result in serious consequences. I am revealing what I have seen, heard, and felt as a warning to others.

I declared at the big group Fa study on June 30 that the two articles written in my name were null and void, but Chen and a few others still keep forwarding them to people.

I have made a serious mistake during the last stage of the Fa-rectification period and caused severe damage to the Fa, significant interference to practitioners in Japan, as well as great harm to practitioners in the Tianguo Marching Band of Japan. I sincerely apologize to all Dafa practitioners in Japan. I have at last become clear-headed. From now on, I will do only what Master has told us to do. I will do well the three things and hurry up to save more sentient beings!

I would also like to call on those fellow practitioners who are still muddle-headed to wake up. Let us cooperate well as one body and walk righteously on our path during the last stage of assisting Master with Fa-rectification.