(Minghui.org) Some fantasy articles or series on Chinese forums have attracted many Falun Dafa practitioners. These articles discuss matters the writers saw claiming that they use their abilities to see into the past or the future, or through their third eye. They use the terminology and are written in a style similar to that used by Falun Dafa practitioners. Their real purpose is to damage Dafa.

A few years ago, a very popular series written by “Odd Man Alpha (Qi Ren Jia)” first appeared on bbs.tianya.cn. The series later was published on the Dajiyuan website and many Falun Dafa practitioners were affected.

A recent series written by “Micro-dust Workshop (wei chen gong zuo fang)” that re-explained important historical events seen through supernormal abilities of precognition and retro-cognition has become popular on a Chinese forum. It has some contents directly pirated from Falun Dafa and additional content which misinterpret Falun Dafa.

It used “Maitreya Buddha’s Law” to represent Dafa but it can’t validate Buddhism or Falun Dafa. On one hand, few Chinese believe in Buddhism nowadays and Buddhism has already entered the dharma ending period. On the other hand, it misinterprets Falun Dafa and can thus cause serious damage since ordinary people can develop a negative image of Dafa. Some Falun Dafa practitioners who are attached to reading these things and believe what’s said could be ruined.

We all know that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) maintains a very tight network censorship, is atheist and against all orthodox religions. So, why would the CCP allow these articles to be published? The goal is to mislead as many practitioners as possible. One can be ruined if one is attached to other dimensions, supernormal abilities, fantasy, and curiosity.

Some of the writers have been among Falun Dafa practitioners many years. They learned a few things about Falun Dafa, and then the old forces opened some of their supernormal abilities. Although they aren't practicing, they use the little they know to confuse people.

The writers of these articles are like those people who were transformed in brainwashing centers and then help the CCP to transform practitioners. The communist regime treats them like lackeys. They may be rewarded by the regime today, but will be abandoned and destroyed when they are no longer useful.

Things are about to conclude, but they still have a chance to change. I hope they can realize how damaging what they are doing is, not only to others, but also to themselves, and stop being the CCP’s accomplices.