(Minghui.org) It was a gloomy morning on March 31 with light rain. I put the copies of Minghui Weekly and Epidemic Status Weekly that I had printed the day before into a bag, grabbed my umbrella, and went out to distribute the truth to people.

On my way home from handing out the brochures, I passed by a store that was selling factory direct women’s woolen coats and sweaters. I had been planning to buy a couple of warm sweaters that I could wear in spring, autumn, and winter, so I went in to browse.

Although the Communist Party had made people return to work, coronavirus had affected many businesses and very few were selling clothes. This store was rather quiet. There were only three female customers browsing through the items. The proprietor was manning the shop himself. I started to browse through the items. After a while, the owner picked out a sweater to show to me and said, “This one’s not bad, what do you think?”

I took a look at the yellow sweater he was holding. It was not too bad, but I didn't think it was quite suitable for someone my age. It had a bird in the lower-left area and the pattern was quite large. On the right elbow it had a patch of color the same as the bird's beak. I told him I did not think it was suitable for someone my age. He said to me sincerely, “This is just right for someone in her 50s, why do you think it's not appropriate?” I told him I am nearly 70. If I was to wear this, people would say I was too trendy.

The three female customers overheard what I said and one remarked to her companion while pointing at me, “She said she is nearly 70.” The other woman replied, “Most people prefer to understate their age, I’ve never heard anyone say they are older than their actual age.” The store owner also heard the ladies' conversation. He looked at me and said, “Don't say silly things, as you will get caught.”

Although everyone was wearing a face mask, I could tell from the boss's eyes that he did not believe I was really that old. I told the boss, “What I said is true. I celebrated my 68th birthday just last month. I will be honest with you, I have been practicing Falun Dafa for over two decades so I look much younger than my age.” The owner heard what I said but did not say anything. I continued to browse through the clothing.

A few minutes later, the owner brought over a cardigan. The color was suitable, so I touched it, but it was too thin. I didn't say anything and just took it. The owner said, “You have truly lived well.” Maybe he saw that my back was not bent, my shoulders were not hunched, and I did not walk like a senile old person. He spoke these words from his heart, so it made me smile.

After I had chosen some clothing, I got ready to pay. I decided that to have better grounds to clarify the truth I would also buy the cardigan the owner had chosen for me.

The owner looked at the clothes and asked, “Do you want all of this?” I said yes and asked how much it would cost. After he added it all up, he said again, “You must live really well.” I said, “I look fit and healthy because I practice Falun Dafa. I had many ailments when I was young. I even had surgery when I was 30. I cannot imagine how I would be if I didn’t practice Dafa. Maybe I would already be dead. Falun Dafa is truly good. Don’t believe the Communist Party's deceptive propaganda.”

The owner said, “Although I don't meditate, I do know something: when you practice yoga you need to quiet your thoughts.” I said, “Yoga is good, but Falun Dafa is better. If you start to cultivate you will definitely benefit.”

I then shared with him how I was introduced to the practice by an older female co-worker. “She had started practicing and thought the practice was so great that I should start too. I had told her, 'Don't bother me. You can practice, I can't. I have never practiced qigong, and I don't understand it. If you can calm your mind and practice, I can't calm my mind for even a second.'

“My coworker said, 'You can practice. I can see that you can.' My coworker gave me an exercise cassette tape and told me about Zhuan Falun. She also had me learn the exercise movements that day. The next day when I went to work, she asked me if I had done the exercises. I said no. She said, 'You need to practice.' On the third day, when I went to work, she asked me, 'Did you practice?' I said, 'I was too busy, I didn't.'”

The store owner laughed at my story. I continued, “In the evening on the third day, I thought I must practice the exercises. Otherwise, tomorrow when she asks me I will be ashamed to answer her. I did the exercises for half an hour that night and felt that they really did not take up too much of my time. After that, I started doing the exercises every night. One night a month later, when I was doing the second exercise the joints in my hands started to pulse. I thought, “Wow, this is gong.” After that I continued to practice every day, all the way through today. You think I look like I am in my fifties. Actually, I was 47 when I started to practice, and my appearance has not changed much since then.”

He listened earnestly and then asked, “I heard that besides the exercises, there are also books?” I said: “Yes, you need to read the book Zhuan Falun. This book teaches people to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to become good people. One becomes healthy through practicing the exercises, and viruses can not enter your body. Look at mainland China, nowadays everyone wears a mask when they go outside because they are afraid of catching the virus.”

At the mention of coronavirus, the owner said that he has observed that not everyone gets the Wuhan virus; there is some order to it and it seems to follow a pattern. He said that the people from Wuhan who had come to this city were the only ones left in their families, everyone else had died.

“It really is the case,” I said, “Not everyone gets the virus. People overseas have been calling this the CCP virus. They have already discerned that China and the CCP are not the same thing. Those who continue to follow along with the CCP are susceptible to it or those who are unwilling to let go of the party. Don't look at how everyone has returned to work and people are more relaxed. In previous years at the start of the Two Sessions (annual meeting of China's top leaders), there would be a lot of fuss and fanfare. This year there were no pictures, no speeches, no actions. Actually, the epidemic is already very serious, and the worst is yet to come. So you really must quit the Party, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers. Only if you quit the Party can you avoid the virus and survive.”

I told him about the website for quitting the Party, and that if he could not access the website I could help him quit.

The owner said he had not joined the party or any of its affiliated youth groups. I said, “That’s wonderful. Let me share a miraculous lifesaving trick with you. If you recite the nine characters, 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,' you can survive, higher lives will protect you.” The store owner listened thoughtfully.

I figured I had said everything that I should say, so I picked up my clothing and prepared to leave. The owner said, “When you have time come here again to chat, thank you for today.” I knew the owner was grateful to me. For one, because I had clarified the truth to him, and two, because I had helped his business. I told him he didn't need to thank me. The owner walked me to the exit and opened the door for me. He said again, “You have truly lived well.” I thanked him and left.

Walking home, I recalled how the owner had repeatedly said, “You must live really well.” He is right. I cultivate Falun Dafa, and I have Master Li (the founder). Regardless of the tribulation or difficulty, with the guidance of Dafa and the protection of Master there is no difficulty I cannot pass through. Having Master is truly the greatest blessing. I truly thank Master for saving me from hell, purifying me, giving me the golden sparkling heavenly book Zhuan Falun, allowing me to obtain the Fa and cultivate, and allowing me to bathe in the light of Buddha's boundless grace for more than 20 years.

For a life that has been raised out of hell, I am truly so fortunate to become a Dafa disciple. Sometimes, when I am handing out flyers, I think of Master's Fa:

“Many beings came from high levels. We need to save them. The beings that they represent are all the ones that would be eliminated in the old universe, and we need to save them. So when we save them, the beings they represent will also be saved.” (“Teaching the Fa in Washington D.C. In 2018,” Team Blue Translation)