(Minghui.org) Every time I received a copy of Minghui Weekly I would read it, then another practitioner I knew would come pick it up. When the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus started to spread in China just before the Chinese New Year, the practitioner didn't come to pick up the publication. I thought she must be busy preparing for the New Year festivities, so I went to deliver it to her. However, the community she lived in was guarded tightly, and only the residents with ID could go in. 

I received another new Minghui Weekly two days after the New Year and she still did not come for it. The pandemic got worse and it was even more difficult to get into her community. I was worried that if she couldn't read the latest experience sharing from Minghui, she would not know what other practitioners were doing during the pandemic, which might affect how she went out to save people. I asked Master to give me the wisdom to get through the gate and deliver the new publications to her. I held the thought that I had to see her.

When I approached the gate of her community, I flashed the guards my permit for the community where I lived. They didn't even look at it. I walked through the gate and delivered the two latest editions of Minghui Weekly to the practitioner.

She was very happy but said, “I was afraid to go to your home. I felt restrained.” 

I implored her to read the latest publications thoroughly: “The practitioners who shared their experiences did well. You will know how to continue clarifying the truth during the pandemic after you read their articles. Master can help you no matter what, as long as you ask sincerely.” 

We also scheduled a pickup time and location for the next publication.

Later, when she came to pick up the latest Minghui Weekly, she had strong righteous thoughts. She told me with gratitude, “I really appreciate your delivering the latest publications to me. As soon as I started to read them, I felt full of energy, my fear immediately disappeared, and I no longer felt restrained. I am truly grateful for Master’s salvation and the help of fearless fellow practitioners!”

She has gone out to clarify the truth since February 16, and every day she successfully persuades close to a dozen people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party and its youth organizations.