(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who has cultivated for 22 years. There are no words to express my gratitude for Master Li's saving grace, nor could I ever repay him. Through Fa study, I managed to improve my xinxing and become a good person. During all this time, Master has been by my side, taking care of and protecting me, such that I was able to break through illness karma tribulations time after time.

When I was younger, my mother couldn’t do any heavy work, my father was very ill, and my younger brother was still young. I was the only one in my family who did the hard work at home and in the fields. After I got married, there was a reservoir construction project in my county. I tirelessly led more than 100 women from our county to work on it day and night. 

Later, the county leaders assigned me to a forest farm to be the manager, where I had to make all the decisions. I was also in charge of another forest farm at a separate location. One time, when I was carrying wood on my shoulders down a mountain, I had a big fall. 

I suffered a concussion and its aftereffects. Because I always took on hard labor, I developed all kinds of health issues. Besides the concussion, I also had a heart problem, severe arthritis, and a frozen shoulder. 

Illnesses Disappear after Practicing Dafa for Three Months

I got very sick beginning in 1976 and couldn’t take care of any household chores. I was hospitalized six months out of every year. The older of my five children went to the canteen to eat, and the younger ones had to go to my mom’s. To get around at home, I had to lean against the wall; outside, at least one person had to support me. Fearing that I’d die soon, my husband often cried. 

When I first started to practice Falun Dafa in November 1997, I spent the whole night listening to Master’s recorded lectures. Then I started to run a fever and had a serious cough. I was not afraid, nor did I go see the doctor. After two days and nights, both my fever and cough went away. Another practitioner later said that this was a process of eliminating illness karma. The fact that Master was looking after me made me very happy. Through Fa-study and doing the exercises, one of my illnesses would disappear every few days or couple of weeks. Three months later, all my health problems were gone. 

Going from critically ill to very healthy left me excited and grateful beyond words. At that time, I didn’t know what cultivation was. I only thought that I had obtained such a wonderful practice and had a Master guiding me to return to where I originally came from. 

Improving My Xinxing, Changing Myself 

Before I started to practice, I had always been the one in charge at work. I was strong-willed and was the decision-maker whatever the situation. Even though I may not have handled things properly at times, nobody dared to bring up their concern. It was even more so at home. Everyone had to listen to me for the sake of keeping the peace. 

After I began to practice, I learned that cultivators should do things by following the highest principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance and, as Master said, become better people. To follow these principles, I knew I had to change. I had already retired when I started practicing, but I still had family issues and my relationships with neighbors, relatives, and friends to handle well. 

My workplace had a large vegetable garden, and villagers sometimes came to pick the withered leaves to feed their pigs. In the past, when I found out that someone had done that, I chased them all the way home to get the leaves back, or I scolded them to make them feel bad. In turn, they’d swear at me behind my back. 

After practicing Dafa, I was very physically healthy and could do a lot of hard labor even though I was a senior. I planted a big vegetable garden for myself. Since I couldn’t eat everything, I often ended up giving the surplus to my relatives, friends, and neighbors. Sometimes I’d share my fresh vegetables with the newcomers who’d just moved into our community. 

I not only became a gentle person, I also always thought about doing things for others whenever possible. There were a few shelters next to the bus stops for people to rest. Dust built up on the wooden chairs in the shelters every day. So I swept the ground and wiped down the chairs in the shelters every day that I could. 

People often complimented me, “You will live to be 120!” Those from my village then said, “She practices Dafa and often does good things for others. She is such a nice person.” I used this opportunity to clarify the truth about the persecution to more people. 

My relatives, friends, and neighbors treated me very well. All my children live in the county town, which is far from me. When I visited them, I stayed for a long time. One reason is that it’s more crowded in town, and I could save more people there. If I was visiting them at harvest time, my neighbors would help harvest my crops. For instance, some helped pick peanuts, some corn, some yams, and so on. 

After I let go of self-interest, I didn’t feel hurt when problems arose. For example, some people thought I didn’t want to plant anything in my field, so they planted something themselves. I didn’t complain about them. When my vegetables were stolen, I didn’t get upset. One time a driver from out of town happened to crush my big rooster to death. 

When someone informed me, I brought the dead rooster to him and said, “Hi there! I know you didn’t hit my rooster on purpose, and I don’t want to blame you for that. But it’s so big, I can’t finish it by myself. Please feel free to take it home.” He was extremely touched and said, “Thank you! Thank you! I have never run into anyone as wonderful as you!” He took it and ran off, very excited. 

My Steadfast Belief in Master and Dafa During Tribulations 

I had no problem reading Dafa books with my limited education. Moreover, I could always stay very focused during Fa-study. So when a tribulation came, I could recall Master’s Fa. When I had difficulty passing a test, I’d always ask him for strength. My tribulations were mostly around eliminating serious illness karma. My symptoms could be very intimidating, yet under Master’s protection, I always made breakthroughs. 

I was working at another practitioner’s home in the spring of 2004 when I suddenly had intense pain in my abdomen and ended up writhing on the floor. The practitioner immediately called my family. My two daughters and a grandson, who all happened to be in town visiting me, came and wanted to take me to the hospital. I refused, but my daughters took my hands and pulled me and my grandson pushed me from behind. That’s how they got me to the county hospital. 

After registering at the hospital, they told me to follow the nurse to see the doctor. I said, “I will not. This is not an illness, but rather karma elimination. Master is taking care of me. Nothing else could help, I will be fine.” 

When the pain was extreme, I asked Master to alleviate it for me. Later, my family called the doctor to our home and he said I had kidney stones. He wrote out some prescriptions that my family got filled, but I never took any of them. I just drank a few bottles of water. Gradually, the pain subsided and it never returned. 

In the fall of 2006, I suddenly felt unwell. I called my daughter and son-in-law to tell them where I was and then passed out. When my daughters and son-in-law came. I could hear them calling me to wake me up. My mind was clear, but I couldn’t utter a word. After they managed to wake me up, they told me that they were taking me to the hospital. 

I gestured that I didn’t want to go, but they insisted. They carried me into their vehicle and took me to the emergency room. The doctor said I was having a stroke. After only one night, I was transferred to a regular ward. 

After breakfast, the nurse came in to give me an injection, but she seemed hesitant. She had tried to give me one in the emergency room, but with no success—the needle wouldn’t penetrate. So she again attempted to give me an injection, but it was in vain. She was very disappointed. After she left, I dumped all the medications into the sink. 

What the doctor, nurse, and my daughters didn’t know was that when the nurse tried to give me an injection, I was sending forth righteous thoughts to keep the medicine from getting into my body. I also asked Master for help. 

Three days later, I was totally fine and was discharged. The doctor asked my daughters, “How did she recover so quickly? It’s a miracle. Is a god protecting her?” They smiled, because they knew it was Dafa's Master safeguarding me. When they told me what the doctor said, I replied, “This has nothing to do with illness. It is truly an illusion, a test for me. I didn’t treat it as an illness, that’s how I passed the tribulation.”

When I was taking a shower one evening in February 2017, my nose got very hot and then I saw blood splashing onto the bathroom wall and down to the floor. I was petrified. I quickly dried and dressed myself. Then I saw that my white bath towel was soaked with blood. My clothes were also heavily stained with blood. When I opened the door, my eldest daughter saw it and ran to me. She was dumbfounded and called her three sisters over. 

They were so scared they started to cry when they saw me. While I was wiping up the blood that was coming out of my nose, I tried to comfort them, “Don’t be scared. I practice Dafa. Master is protecting me. When my righteous thoughts are strong, Master will be able to help. Whatever I run into in my cultivation, it’s all good. Please do not be scared. There is only one thing I ask: Please do not try to talk me into taking medication or going to the hospital. If you do, I will have to go home and live by myself.” They agreed. 

Despite the bleeding, I studied the Fa, did the exercises, and sent forth righteous thoughts every day. During the first 10 days, the blood from my nose could have filled a large bowl every day. In the interim, I didn’t think much about it, just continued to do the things that I was supposed to do. 

On day 11, my nose didn’t bleed as much. Then, on day 15, the bleeding completely stopped, and I was fine. 

I returned to my hometown a few days after that. Upon my return, the neighbors came to check on me. One senior said, “I thought you would die this time for sure, but you survived. Not only that, you look as if you were never sick. You know what? I am so envious of you—you have such a wonderful Master protecting you. We are so pitiful. Without a Master, getting over just a minor ailment is not easy.” When they saw me overcome this tribulation, more people began to believe that Dafa was extraordinary and beautiful. 

Study the Fa and Do the Three Things Well 

Since I began to practice, I have been seizing the time to do the three things asked of us: Study the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts, and help offer salvation to people. Whenever I ran into an issue, I’d look inward to see where I fell short and what attachments I needed to get rid of. 

My hometown is in a mountainous area. We had only a small supply of informational brochures at our Fa-study site, as we relied on practitioners from the county town to deliver them. I often went to town to pick up hundreds of copies, then drove to a remote area to hand them out. I was not afraid of the hardships or extreme temperatures I had to endure on the way. 

When I ran out of materials, I’d go to the villages to help people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. I’d take turns going to different villages each time, and I'd cover every one of them multiple times. 

When I helped people withdraw from the CCP, it usually went well. One reason was that I used to hold a managerial position in a few places in the township, so a lot of people knew me. Also, my husband was the main cadre in the township, so we had extensive connections. Finally, I used to be very ill before practicing Falun Dafa. After, my weight doubled, from 80 to 160 lbs, and I looked much younger than before. All these factors helped me validate Dafa. 

When I clarified the facts to people in the township, it went very well. When people asked about my age, nobody would think I was in my 70s. They asked me, “Did you hit 60 yet?” When I told them I was in my 70s, they’d ask me how I managed to take such great care of myself to look so young. Then I’d take the opportunity to tell them the truth about Dafa, why practitioners save people, and why heaven will eliminate the CCP. After they learned the truth, many of them quit the CCP and expressed their appreciation. Then I’d always tell them to thank Master and Dafa instead. 

Time is running out. I must treasure the time and walk well the last leg of the journey. I must listen to Master, study the Fa well, seize the time to save more people, and accomplish my historic mission to return home with Master.