(Minghui.org) After reading Hong Yin V over and over again, I was moved to tears by Master Li Hongzhi’s compassion. Master’s poems focus on awakening the conscience of as many people as possible. As his disciple, I can find no excuse not to seize the opportunity to improve in my personal cultivation and assist him. 

Based on my rough estimate, in Hong Yin V, Master mentioned modern thought and behavior 23 times and atheist and evolutionary theory 19 times, all in reference to the effect of these topics on today’s world. As Dafa disciples, we must focus our attention on awakening people’s conscience. We should never gauge our thoughts and conduct with modern standards. 

What are deviated thoughts? In my opinion, they include twisting the truth. Some people regard good as bad and beautiful as ugly, think that being sloppy and messy is trendy, and admire selfish and cruel behavior. 

Master said, 

“A notion, once formed, will control you for the duration of your life, influencing your thinking and even the full gamut of emotions, such as your happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy. It is formed postnatally. If this thing persists for some time, it will become part of a person’s thinking, melding into the brain of that person’s true self, at which point it will shape his temperament.” (“Buddha Nature,” Zhuan Falun Volume II))

“If you can truly remove the notions formed after birth and recover the perception of your original nature, that will be where you came from, the earliest notion that you formed—that is, the notion you had at the place where you were first created. But it is very hard to vanquish thinking and notions acquired after birth, for that is what cultivation is all about.” (“Buddha Nature,” Zhuan Falun (Volume II))

After reflecting on myself, I found all kinds of notions based on personal preference, attachment, habit, desire, knowledge, and conduct. They are like dust covering my body. I must get rid of the dust and reach beyond these notions to find my true self. 
The Fa-rectification is coming to the end. Having cultivated Dafa for 23 years, I finally found more room to improve.