(Minghui.org) Everyone who truly practices Falun Dafa has experienced how wonderful it is. When I share my stories, people are amazed, “Wow, you are so lucky! God protected you!” They think my experiences are incredible.

I Recovered from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

In the winter of 2003, I lived alone in a small room. There was no heat, so I had a coal stove to keep warm. I vaguely remembered someone warning me to be careful with it, but I didn’t know how dangerous it was at the time.

One night I was in a deep sleep when suddenly I jumped up, as if someone had lifted me up. I had terrible pain in my chest. Then I fell down and passed out. When I woke up in the morning, I had a severe headache, nausea, and fatigue. I’d also wet my bed. I went to my neighbor for help, and she notified my sister. My neighbor was concerned and followed me home. When she went in, she screamed that the place was full of carbon monoxide and that I’d been poisoned! She opened my windows and doors.

My sister wanted to take me to the hospital, but I felt fine, just a little weak. I asked her to help me cover my shift to make breakfast for the workers. She was concerned about me but agreed to help. I got up and had a light breakfast.

My sister hurried back after she finished my shift and was relieved to see I was fine. She and my neighbor were amazed, since they’d both had friends poisoned by carbon monoxide, and the consequences were grave – one was hospitalized and the other suffered a brain injury with memory loss for a long time.

I realized I was so lucky to have Master Li's (the founder of Falun Dafa) protection.

I Recovered from a Hunger Strike

I was arrested and detained in August of 2001. To resist the persecution, I held a hunger strike until they released me. It lasted 13 days. When the police took me home, I ate a large bowl of soup and went to bed. I was back to normal shortly after that without any problem.

My family and friends were astonished that I regained my health after such a long time without food and water. We are all deeply grateful for Master Li's compassionate protection.

I Beat the Odds Again!

I was sentenced to prison in 2006 because I made Falun Dafa informational materials. The prison refused to admit me due to health concerns, but the detention center held me for over nine months. I held another hunger strike in protest.

After a month, I was in critical condition. Other cellmates were crying, afraid that I wouldn’t last much longer. I was emaciated and very weak. The authorities released me when I was barely alive.

When my sister-in-law came to pick me up, she didn’t recognize me. I must have been awfully thin and in bad shape. I was still able to eat without a problem once I got home. My family was furious to see how badly I’d been persecuted. They were grief-stricken and did not believe that I could recover this time.

But I did! Two months later I was completely fine! With Master's saving grace, I beat the odds again!

“How Can You Still Sit?”

I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa in February 2001. I was arrested and brutally beaten by five young police officers with clubs. They struck my buttocks and legs. I passed out three times.

They then pushed me into an iron cage. When I sat down, the excruciating pain spread from my buttocks up my back. I had severe chest pain as well. When a middle-aged police officer saw I was sitting on the floor, he marveled: “How can you still sit?” He kept telling me that he did not beat me and went away as fast as he could, most likely because he feared my disability or death from such injuries and trauma.

I was deprived of sleep for the next five days and nights. They continued to torture me, forcing me to squat or stand. My legs were so swollen that they felt like two wooden barrels.

I was released at night on the fifth day. I went to my sister's home after midnight. Much to my surprise, my mother opened the door. She was home alone and hard of hearing. My sister had also been arrested for practicing Falun Dafa and was being held somewhere. My mother did not hear my knock, she’d just come to open the door. How amazing!

When I changed clothes to sleep, my mother began to cry. She saw my legs and buttocks were completely black and blue. Her heart was broken. She could not imagine what I’d been through. It took me a long time to reassure her that everything would be fine.

The Prognosis Was Wrong

When I was sent to a forced labor camp 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer during the physical exam and the doctor said that I only had six months to live. The labor camp refused to take me.

I was sentenced to nine years in prison in 2006 and was diagnosed with uterine cancer in the prison hospital. I was released shortly afterward.

Over the next several years, the authorities tried to persecute and send me to prison. Again and again, I failed the physical exam. All the doctors declared that I would not live long given my health.

Their prognosis might be right for ordinary people. I am, fortunately, a particle of Dafa. I’ve experienced the wonder of Dafa again and again throughout the years, and I am deeply grateful for Master and for Dafa.