(Minghui.org) I am a 71-year-old housewife. Falun Dafa gave me a new life after I began to practice in 1997.

Miserable Life Before Practicing Dafa

I was an obstinate woman and suffered a lot under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I was raised in a poor family and never attended school. Because I was brainwashed by the indoctrination of the Communist Party, I did bad things during the Cultural Revolution and thus created a lot of karma.

Due to all the karma, I had many illnesses by age 28: hepatitis, neurasthenia, lumbar disc herniation, gastric ulcer, and so on. Every day I took more medicine than food. My weight dropped from 132 pounds to 99 pounds. I looked emaciated.

Although I took so much medicine, my illnesses were never cured. Instead, I came down with more illnesses, such as heart disease, liver cancer, and arthritis. After one medical exam, the doctor told my family that I didn’t have a long time left. My face and body looked waxy yellow and had scarring. Everyone in my family was so worried they couldn’t eat or sleep. We didn’t know how we would survive.

Even in such a difficult situation, the Family Planning Commission of the CCP forcibly took my husband to get a vasectomy. The operation was botched and left him paralyzed.

At that time my older daughter was 8, my son was 7, and my younger daughter was a baby. We had lost all the labor force in our family. Thus, my father-in-law had no choice but to work to support the family even though he was nearly 80. Everyone in the family often cried at that time, regardless of age – adults and children. I lost all hope in life.

Dafa Gave Me a New Life

When I was on the brink of death, a kind neighbor told me that Falun Dafa could cure my illnesses. Having been brainwashed by the atheism of the CCP, I didn’t believe it at all. The neighbor called me and said she would come to my home to teach me. I was reluctant to refuse her kind offer so I agreed.

I was in bed when she came. She asked me to get up and try to exercise while leaning against the bed. Right after I began the exercise, I felt energized. The neighbor was very happy and complimented me, saying that I must have good inborn quality. She gave me the book Zhuan Falun.

I opened the book and saw Master Li’s (the founder) portrait on the first page. He looked so benevolent. Every single character in the book shined like gold. Although I couldn’t read those Chinese characters, I truly enjoyed looking at them and kept on looking throughout the day. On the third day after I received the treasured book, I felt my big extended stomach (due to ascites) become small, and I had an appetite.

Upon seeing the change in me, my family was happy and wanted me to practice Dafa. They also helped me learn the Chinese characters so I could read Zhuan Falun. After only three months, all the diseases that had been torturing me had disappeared. I felt my body was light, and before long I could read the treasured book.

Master Li didn’t take a penny from me and gave me a new life. My husband also recovered from his paralysis.

Master Protected Me from Harm

Master not only purified my body but also protected me from harm. I was walking beside a department store in 2001 when a speeding car hit me. I tried to avoid it but couldn’t. I was hit so hard my body flew up and fell to the ground over 30 feet away.

I lost consciousness. Later on, I felt someone touch my Yuzhen and Mingmen acupuncture points on the back of my head and my lower back. Then I came to. I found that I was not hurt, and my skin was not even bruised. I realized right away: without Master’s protection, I would have lost my life.

The bystanders didn’t allow the driver to leave, waiting to see my reaction. I said to them loudly, “You can all leave. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, and I am protected by our Master. I’m fine.” When they heard this, they all left including the driver. When I took a shower that evening, I saw that my skin all over my body had turned black, but I was fine. I knew Master helped me resolve the tribulation. My heart was full of gratitude.

One snowy morning when I was on my way to clarify the truth to people, I saw a young man on a motorcycle that hit a tricycle driven by an elderly man carrying his wife. The elderly man was lying on his stomach on the ground and couldn’t move. His wife was quarreling with the young man. Two traffic police officers were standing nearby.

Right at that moment, a van suddenly drove into me and knocked me 10 feet. Everyone looked at me. Because the police officers were there, the driver was frightened and wanted to take me to the hospital. I told him, “I’m a Falun Dafa practitioner who is protected by our Master. I definitely have no problem.” One of the officers said, “See how good Falun Dafa practitioners are! They don’t make any trouble for us.” I looked at the elderly man who was trembling on the ground, and I told the young man, “Please don’t quarrel any more. Just take the man to the hospital; otherwise, both parties will suffer more.”

The police officers were very touched. I then took the chance to clarify the truth to them and taught them to say, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I told them that these nine words could protect them from danger. They said they would remember them and happily agreed to withdraw from the CCP and its youth organizations.

People Are Grateful to Dafa

I met a well-dressed man and clarified the truth to him. He told me he was the head of a procuratorate before he retired. I told him about Falun Dafa, why the CCP persecutes the practice, and why heaven will destroy the CCP. I also explained that all the changes in dynasties in history were the will of Gods and that atheism and the theory of evolution that the CCP promotes are fallacies. He carefully listened and asked questions from time to time. He agreed to quit the CCP and said he would remember the nine words I taught him. Upon parting, I gave him some Falun Dafa literature and an amulet.

A few months later, I met him again. He greeted me and told me happily, “Falun Dafa is truly amazing! After you helped me quit the CCP, I went back home and often recited the nine words you taught me. Soon, my sleep problem of over 30 years was gone! Now I eat well and sleep soundly. Falun Dafa is really great!” After saying that, he asked me with a serious look, “When will your Master come back? I want to give him money.” I said, “Even I have never met our Master. Our Master never takes a penny from us.” In the end, he asked me to pass on his gratitude to Master.

The Pandemic Motivates Me to Awaken More People

The coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, and the rates of infection and the number of deaths rose every day. Because the CCP concealed the truth, it soon turned into a pandemic and brought disaster to the whole world. I felt anxious and realized I should try my best to save more people. One day I met three people on the street and clarified the truth to all of them.

The first person became furious when I mentioned the coronavirus, and angrily cursed America for “bringing the virus to China.” I asked him if it were really American soldiers who brought the virus to China, why did the coronavirus break out in Wuhan three months later? We all know the incubation period of coronavirus is 14-24 days. I continued to tell him how the CCP lied about Falun Dafa with their staged self-immolation on Tiananmen Square, and how the CCP incites hatred against Japan, America, and many other countries so as to divert the Chinese people’s attention from the CCP’s abuses. Finally, he calmed down and said, “You are right. The virus was not from America. It was from Wuhan.” I encouraged him, “It is so good that you have understood the truth. From now on, be sure to think things over with your own mind; don’t let yourself be deluded by the CCP.”

The second person was a vendor selling sweet potatoes. I clarified the truth to him; he said he had already quit the Party. He asked the man beside him if he had withdrawn. That man also said yes.

The third person was a fashionable young woman. I clarified the truth to her, but she said loudly to me, “You are so tiresome.” I was not affected by her attitude. I said to her peacefully, “Miss, I am explaining the truth to you because I want you to stay safe. You know that the coronavirus is so rampant now.”

She immediately said loudly, with her eyes wide open, “The TV has broadcast that the virus was from America!” I said, “The broadcast by the CCP is all lies. Only days ago, they reported three people in our city died from the coronavirus, and over 10 people were infected and hospitalized. But now, they are reporting nobody is infected in our city. We shouldn’t listen to the CCP, it is always lying.”

The woman said, “We are Chinese, how can we not listen to the CCP?” I said, “Heaven does not care which country you are from. All people who act against heavenly rules will perish.”

The woman asked, “Who dares to act against heavenly rules?” I answered, “The CCP dares. It dares to persecute Falun Dafa, which is based on heavenly law. It dares to arrest and torture Falun Dafa practitioners who are kind people. It even dares to harvest organs from living practitioners and sell them for profit! It has committed unforgivable sins, and heaven is eliminating it. Let me tell you, the virus is targeting the CCP. Anybody in the CCP who refuses to quit will perish along with it!”

The angry look on her face disappeared. She agreed to quit the CCP organizations. I gave her an amulet. She took it, saying thanks repeatedly. I told her, “Please don’t thank me. If you want to say thanks, you can thank our Master. Please don’t say the virus was from America anymore.” She said, “I won’t say that again.” I felt very happy that she understood the truth and could be saved.

I am a Dafa practitioner, a cultivator walking on the path to heaven. It is my fortune to have found Dafa. I and all my family are extremely grateful to Master! I hope more of the world's people can understand the truth, stay away from the delusion of the CCP, and have a bright future!