(Minghui.org) Two recent reports on the Minghui website made me rethink who is truly responsible for a Falun Dafa material production site. 

One recent article reported that Falun Dafa practitioner Cao Zhenguo, Ezhou City, Hubei Province, was arrested by authorities from the local 610 Office. The authorities confiscated a dozen pieces of equipment, including a high-quality printer. 

Another report was about an arrest that happened in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, on April 17, where practitioners Zhao Guoying, Zhang Shucai, Yang Xingchang, and Ma Fenghua were arrested at a Dafa material production site. 

Similar incidents happened in our area last September when a major production site was destroyed and a few practitioners were arrested. I knew that the practitioners involved in that production site were very cautious and didn’t carry any mobile phones on them. Leaked information from officials said they had been under surveillance for a long time.

We then realized that these practitioners had been the main coordinators of the area, and had been involved in almost every local project. They had been responsible for arranging everything down to the finest detail. 

After they were arrested, local practitioners didn’t know what to do or where to get Dafa truth-clarification materials for a long time. 

Master had told us that small printing sites should “spring up everywhere.” I had asked a practitioner working at a large site, "Why not delegate the printing tasks to many small sites?" He said that most practitioners didn’t have the skills to print and if he didn’t do it, many of them wouldn't have anything to pass out.

But the reality is not as he described. After the centralized site was destroyed, many practitioners set up small Dafa materials production sites in their homes. So I doubt if it was a righteous thought to build a large centralized printing site.

Of course, some practitioners will still depend on others to provide them with printed materials. However, today's printers are very fast. For example, an HP M452 color laser printer can print 28 pages a minute and can print double-sided. One printer like that can easily support 4 practitioners. In other words, a production site only needs one or two printers.

Every time a major site was destroyed, besides practitioners being arrested, we lost many fliers, thousands of yuan in cash, boxes of toner, and countless sheets of paper. 

I am appealing to fellow practitioners that if you are receiving materials from a centralized printing site, you should persuade the practitioners involved to delegate the printing tasks to more practitioner families and train more practitioners to be independent. Please try to become more independent and take time to learn the necessary skills to manage your own production site

Master said, 

Disciple asks: I'm involved in a media project, and I often see that we lack resources, such as shortcomings in our standard operating procedures or being short of funding, and an inability to connect with more students so that more people can join in. We remain at the level of a workshop [rather than a major business]. How do we break through this?

Teacher: That is indeed the situation you are facing now. If you have strong righteous thoughts, cooperate and coordinate well, and walk your path righteously, everything will get better. Students in Mainland China actually have a much tougher time. Their materials production sites are basically at a household level, and they spring up everywhere. In other words, people walk their own paths. Each person, or some that are coordinating with each other on a small scale, is walking his own path. Didn't I say earlier that as far as our cultivation form is concerned, the Great Way has no form? This applies to the things that you do to clarify the facts. It's not like a situation where people go and do things under the direction and urging of some head assistant, not at all. Other than under special circumstances where you need to work with each other on something with the head assistant providing centralized coordination, each person should be taking initiative and walking his own path. If everything was centralized and done with everyone together, if everything was decided by the head assistant and everyone followed him and did the same thing, then whatever the head assistant cultivated into, you would become no more than sentient beings in his world. I don't want that for you. I want every Dafa disciple to become a king. Each person is to blaze his own trail, and each person is to validate and reach his own Attainment Status. (Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005)