(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa less than two years ago. I was afraid that my husband would find out so I didn’t dare read the Dafa books at home. Instead, I listened to the audio recordings of Master’s lectures.

Due to the virus this year, our community was locked down and I had to stay at home. I couldn’t visit other practitioners or communicate with them. I felt anxious about losing my cultivation environment.

I worried about my husband’s safety when he left for work. I told him to recite, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” in his heart. He was upset and told me never to say that again, otherwise he would divorce me.

Finally the lockdown was over, and I went to another practitioner’s place to borrow Dafa books because I didn’t have any. When reading one of Master’s recent writings, something caught my attention. Master said, “Don’t let the madness and confusion of this world affect you.” (“To the Experience-Sharing Conference in Taiwan”)

Master's words made me realize that I should look within and break through my difficulties. Why was I afraid to read Dafa books at home? Where was the fear coming from? I realized that I pursued a comfortable life. After I saw my attachment, I was determined to get rid of it and make a breakthrough.

I cleared a space to store Dafa books at home, and I brought home a full set of Dafa books. Now I persistently study the Fa every day. I understand that validating Dafa and awakening the conscience of sentient beings are the mission of practitioners.

I continued to make breakthroughs. I went out to clarify the truth to people about Falun Dafa. Through talking to people, I found that they have been deeply misled and thus could not believe the truth. So I started sending righteous thoughts for people.

Every time I sent forth righteous thoughts at midnight, I felt something like an electric loop cycling through my body from head to toe. Once when I was sending righteous thoughts, I saw a transparent giant Buddha sitting quietly in a smoky dark world. The outline of the Buddha’s body was shining from the fire. I suddenly felt sadness in my heart.

One time when I was sending righteous thought, I saw Buddhas floating in the sky and the world was bright. As I said “Mie” (eliminate), I saw lotus flowers flying out of my mouth. I knew that Master was encouraging me, letting me see and experience it. 

By cultivating solidly, it made me feel that life is wonderful. My child, who had had behavioral problems, became reasonable. She also studies the Fa with me now. My husband also changed his attitude and always talks to me kindly now. I feel that when I become righteous, everything around me becomes righteous.

That was the power of Dafa that I’ve experienced. I will study the Fa diligently, send righteous thoughts, validate Dafa, cultivate myself solidly, and fulfill my mission.