(Minghui.org) My husband developed a cough and fever during the pandemic. He is not a practitioner, and was very worried about it. He didn’t know what to do. I told him to recite, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He said he had already been reciting these two Dafa phrases over and over again. I also asked Master to help him recover. However, this time his symptoms were so severe that he asked me to buy medicine for him. I asked him about not buying medicine when he experienced even more severe symptoms, and why he was scared this time. He said, it was because of the pandemic, “How could anyone not be scared?”

He developed an even more severe cough, and couldn’t fall asleep. He had to sit upright in the living room, and no medicine helped. At that time I thought of what Master said, 

“It wasn’t sickness, so how could that work?” (Sixth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I then realized that his cough was fake, possibly because I hadn’t done well. The old forces took advantage of it.

I looked within and thought, “What did I do wrong? It occurred to me that I was saying something wrong. On the third night of the Lunar New Year, because I had been busy with some ordinary things, I didn’t study the Fa well, and human notions dominated my mind. I criticized my older son, and consequently quarreled with him. Then, my husband also argued with me. I was not happy, and said, “If you don’t cultivate your speech, you will suffer.” My husband said if he did something wrong then he would tolerate it. Consequently, there was a tribulation. At that time, I didn’t even realize it, so I didn’t expect that it would cause him such big trouble.

I said to Master, “I realize that I have done something wrong. Thus, I will improve on my cultivation path, and study the Fa well. I will be strict regarding my cultivation and speech.” I sent forth righteous thoughts and completely let go of the old forces’ interference and persecution, so the old forces won’t take advantage of the loophole. 

On the fifth day, my husband’s cough didn’t stop. He woke me up around midnight and told me that he heard someone saying to him, “Are you listening to me? If you listen to me, you won’t cough.” My husband said, “Yes, I listen to you.”

It was amazing, as my husband no longer coughed. His fever disappeared and he completely recovered. He tossed the medicine. Our entire family thanks Master for his compassion. My husband said excitedly over and over again, “Master is great. Dafa is super powerful. I will never forget Master’s mercy and kindness to save me.”

My husband listens to Master’s Fa lecture almost every day now, and he supports me when I’m working on Dafa projects. 

During this pandemic, we make time to clarify the truth and awaken the conscience of sentient beings. My husband no longer argues with me. Thank you Master.