(Minghui.org) The novel coronavirus, also known as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus, broke out in Wuhan in late 2019 and soon spread to the rest of the country. Amid the raging epidemic, authorities in many places in China continued their persecution of Falun Gong practitioners who tell others about the CCP’s persecution of their faith that has now lasted 21 years. 

This article is a collection of recent persecution cases of Falun Gong practitioners in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province.


On February 10 2020, the police dispatched officers in five cars to arrest Ms. Yang Hairu. They confiscated her computer, printer and informational materials about how the CCP had been covering up the epidemic with the same tactics used in persecuting Falun Gong. Although Ms. Yang was later released on bail, the authorities harassed her constantly.

Mr. Wang Huaiyu, 32, was arrested on March 29, 2020 for telling people how Falun Gong had helped him to stand up again after being bedridden for seven years. He is now detained at Chaoyang County Detention Center.

Ms. Li Guizhen, Ms. Gao Xiaoling, and Ms. Deng Fangfang were arrested while talking to people about Falun Gong at a farmers’ market around mid-April.

Mr. Li Yihai was taken away from his home on April 23, 2020. His Falun Gong books, computer and printer were confiscated. His family was forced to pay the police 5,000 yuan in exchange for his release.


Ms. Zhuang Yuli was harassed twice in March after a local official saw a couplet with information about Falun Gong on her front door. The police confiscated her Falun Gong books and tore down her couplets. They also threatened to take her to a detention center after the epidemic was over.

Mr. Li Shuyou was harassed twice, in March and April, respectively. The officers tore down a New Year’s painting about Falun Gong at his home when they went there the first time and then took away his Falun Gong books the second time.

In addition to the above cases, officials also harassed other practitioners, took their pictures, and ordered them to sign statements renouncing Falun Gong.

Facing Prosecution

Mr. Pan Yufeng was arrested on November 5, 2019, and his case has been submitted to Shuangta District Court. As he is the main caregiver to his mother with Alzheimer’s disease, his arrest and detention left her in a dire situation. She has lost significant weight after his arrest.

Mr. Yin Baohe was arrested on November 20, 2019, while putting up information about Falun Gong. His home was ransacked. The police submitted his case to the Shuangta District Procuratorate, but the prosecutor recently returned his case and asked for more evidence.

Mr. Zou He was arrested on January 6, 2020, for talking to people about Falun Gong near a commercial plaza. His case has been submitted to Shuangta District Procuratorate.