(Minghui.org) My husband divorced me when I was forty-eight years old. He was having an affair, and only occasionally came home. Sometimes I didn't see him for months.

I kept reminding myself that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. Despite my stressful situation I followed Master’s teaching and treated others kindly. I examined myself to see if I had caused this.

After our divorce, I didn't ask my husband for a penny, and even helped pay off some of his debts.

My father-in-law told everyone that his son divorced me because I practiced Falun Dafa, and that I didn't care about our family or our son.

Repairing Our Relationship

When my ex father-in-law came to the city hospital for treatment, my son told me that his grandparents were in town and were staying at his place.

They said that they wanted to see me, and had brought me 2500 Yuan in rent from the farmland. I felt that it was a very nice gesture, as my ex-husband had gotten all the rental money in the past.

I told my son, “I will come and see them.”

Although I had now been divorced for quite a few years, we had lived together for more than 20 years, and they were the older generation.

On the way to my son's home, I bought some fruit and roast duck to give to them.

As soon as I entered the door, my ex parents-in-law started apologizing to me, saying that they had always mistreated me in the past. They also apologized on their son’s behalf.

Their apologies caught me off guard. I didn't know what to say at first, but then replied, “I've also made mistakes.”

When they gave me the money, I handed it to my son.

My ex mother-in-law urged me to keep it since she knew that I didn't have much money, and didn't get anything from the divorce. But I insisted that my son have the money.

While my ex-parents-in-law stayed with my son, my grandson caught a cold and coughed continuously. My son and daughter-in-law took care of him day and night, and complained that their father never came to help take care of his parents.

I told them, “Don't worry. Your parents can stay with me. I'll take care of them.” My son and daughter-in-law were very thankful.

Quitting the CCPs Organizations

I prepared some food before they all came to my home. After dinner, I said to my ex-father-in-law, “After your son and I divorced, you kept telling everyone that our marriage didn't work out because I practice Falun Dafa. I know you weren't happy about our marriage, but having a negative thought about Dafa is not good for you! Just look at your physical condition. I'm worried about you! Falun Dafa teaches people to be kind and compassionate, so I recommend that you write a solemn statement saying that you take back your negative views toward Dafa.”

I told they why millions of people are quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), because they don't wish to be held accountable for it's crimes.

As soon as I finished talking, my son, daughter-in-law, ex-parents-in-law all wanted to quit the Party.

After my ex-father-in-law wrote the statement, he said, “I joined the Youth League and Young Pioneers when I was young. I should quit them.”

Over the years I kept suggesting that he quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, but he always said that he never joined any of them, and refused to quit. So I was very happy that he changed his mind.

Discarding My Attachments

I gained a deeper understanding of Master’s teaching through this experience.

Master said,

“Examine each and every deed,Accomplishing is cultivating.” (“Solid Cultivation”, Hong Yin, English Translation Version B)

Throughout this process, I have discarded resentment towards my family, when they were very disrespectful toward me after our divorce.

Our relationship is now very close and harmonious.

It was just as Master said,

“When you are overcoming a real hardship or tribulation, you try it. When it is difficult to endure, try to endure it. When it looks impossible and is said to be impossible, give it a try and see if it is possible. If you can actually do it, you will indeed find: ‘After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead!’”(“Lecture Nine”, Zhuan Falun)

I deeply thank Master for his compassionate salvation, and for giving me the wisdom and compassion to save my in-laws.