(Minghui.org) I was a lay Buddhist for more than ten years. Back then, I was heavily influenced by, and deeply believed in, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

I could not help crying when I heard that Mao had passed away. When CCTV broadcast the staged “Tiananmen Self-immolation” to slander Falun Dafa in 2001, I mistakenly believed the CCTV.

I noticed, however, that the so-called “practitioner,” Wang Jindong, was sitting in a typical military sitting posture, not a Buddhist meditation posture. I was wondering why CCTV said that Wang had practiced Falun Dafa for 7 to 8 years, but he had no idea how to sit in meditation.

Later, I met a local Falun Dafa practitioner who showed me the sitting meditation position. I realized that Wang was not a practitioner at all.

I was shocked to find out that the CCP lied to people and set up the self-immolation case to persecute those innocent and kind-hearted Falun Dafa practitioners.

I felt very honored to become a Falun Dafa practitioner in 2004. During my cultivation journey, Teacher not only blessed me with a healthy body but also helped me resolve many obstacles and ordeals.

Saved from Car Accidents

One day when riding an electric tricycle, I was hit by a car. My tricycle was thrown four or five meters from the impact.

I fell off the tricycle and tumbled several meters with my head nearly hitting the curb. Several police officers on duty rushed over.

Two people in the car asked whether I was hurt. I said I was fine and they could leave; they drove away immediately.

The police officers helped me lift the tricycle up. However, the wheel rim was damaged.

I pushed the tricycle to a repair shop and went home. I knew I survived the accident because of Teacher’s protection.

Another day, I went to the market and was hit by a car driving at a high speed; my tricycle struck the wheel of the car.

I got up from the ground without any problem. Then, a man and a woman got out of the car and blamed me for crashing into their car.

They said that the damage would cost a lot of money to repair and I must pay for it. I told them that I didn't have any money.

When they heard this, they threatened to call the police and took away my electric tricycle’s key.

While they were threatening me, a middle-aged man came over and said loudly to them, “Why did you stop your car in the middle of the road?”

Then he told me, “Let them call the police. The accident is not your fault.”

The couple drove away before the police arrived. The police officers came over and told me to go home.

I told them that the couple took my tricycle key. The policemen caught up with the couple involved in the accident and returned the key to me.

After returning home, I realized that Teacher must have helped me resolve these troubles.

Resolving Illness Through Believing in Teacher and the Fa

I had a serious heart condition before practicing Falun Dafa, and the doctor said that I needed a bypass operation.

However, my family did not have the money to pay for it. Thus, I lived day by day, not knowing how long I would survive.

Fortunately, my heart disease disappeared after I began practicing Falun Dafa.

One night in October 2017, I suddenly felt my heart beating violently with pain, so I called my daughter quickly to help. I could no longer speak normally and felt that I could exhale, but not inhale.

My daughter called the emergency hotline and I was taken to the People’s Hospital. My heartbeat was as high as 159 beats per minute.

The medical staff administered medicine to lower my heartbeat, but this caused my blood pressure to drop. If they gave me medicine to raise my blood pressure, my heart rate would increase again.

The doctor in charge said that I was very ill and it might be the end of my time. After listening to the doctor’s comments, I thought, “Everything is up to Teacher and this illness was not arranged by him.”

I told my daughter that I would like to go home and I also spoke to Teacher in my mind: “Teacher, I want to go home. The hospital can’t resolve this ordeal for me. My health is not subject to ordinary people’s medical treatments.”

After I returned home, I did not take any medicine, but persisted in studying the Fa and practicing the five exercises. I recovered very quickly.

After witnessing my dramatic recovery, my daughter was very touched and told many people, “Falun Dafa is really good! My Mom is alive because of practicing Falun Dafa!”