(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa in March of 1998. Looking back over the past 20 years of my cultivation, I have realized that Master Li (the founder) holds great compassion for sentient beings. 

Master Cleansed Me

I used to suffer from a number of illnesses and had lots of headaches. My symptoms worsened when I walked. I had to hold my head with both hands, and even then my ears were pounding. One day after having studied the Fa for one month, my right ear was pounding, but there was no pain.

I had watched Master’s teaching videos with many other practitioners. A fellow practitioner even pulled out a 10-centimeter long rag-like thing from my ear. The practitioner said, “How did it even fit in your ear?” After a few days, he pulled out a dark substance as big as my thumb from my ear.

Later, the right ear began to bleed. After getting up in the morning, there was sticky pus on the right side of my face. My family asked me to go to the hospital for treatment, and my mother also tried to give me homemade medicine. I refused to take it and said that my head and ears didn’t hurt.

I told them how Master helped me get bad things out of my body, and it didn’t affect me when I did things. My husband agreed with what I said, and they never mentioned going to the hospital again.

This state lasted for more than five months. One day, I took a nap around noontime, and I felt my pillow was lifted up and it kept turning. I opened my eyes, but I saw nothing. I understood that Master was eliminating bad substances in my brain. After that, my ears would no longer leak any pus or blood. It has been 20 years, and I no longer suffer from headaches.

My hearing is better than when I was young, and my other illnesses have been cured. I still remember these things clearly.

Husband No Longer Needs Surgery

My husband went shopping for food one day, and he suddenly couldn’t see anything. He stopped quickly and closed his eyes for a while.

The next day he went to the hospital for a CT examination, which showed he had a cerebrovascular blockage. He called me and said that he needed brain surgery. It was Sunday and surgery was scheduled for Monday.

I said: “You should know what to do. Although you haven’t really started Dafa practice, how many times have you read the Dafa book? You decide for yourself.”

I was sending righteous thoughts, and I immediately made an effort to remove the attachment of affection.

I gave up my attachments and left everything to Master. However, I also firmly refused to admit that the old forces used this form to interfere with my studying the Fa and helping sentient beings.

My husband called me on Monday morning and said that no surgery was needed. He was discharged that morning.

This incident shocked our family, especially my husband. We all gained a new understanding of Dafa. My husband also learned the Dafa exercises.

Mother Benefits from Dafa

My mother is 103 years old this year. She had not stepped into Falun Dafa cultivation, but she knows that Dafa is good. She often told others that Dafa is good too. My mother is clear-minded and healthy. 

Every morning, she recites “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” more than 50 times, and this state has been maintained for several years.

When mother was 93 years old, she tripped over a flower pot in the yard. She was immediately taken to the hospital for an examination, and they found that her right shoulder and three ribs were broken.

The doctor said that it might take a long time to recover, but she probably would not be the same as before. During the hospital stay I told her to recite that Falun Dafa is good! She said she knew. After her discharge from the hospital I took her to my house.

I put a quilt behind her, and let her sit down, watch Master’s lecture videos, and a Shen Yun DVD. Within three or four days, my mother changed a great deal. Her appetite increased, and her sleep became more stable.

She told me that she truly liked being at my house, and that she felt comfortable. I told her that it’s Master’s mercy that saved her. She folded her hands, did Heshi and said, “Thank you, Master!”

After she went back to her home, I still visited her from time to time. She recovered quickly, and sometimes she could walk without a cane. One afternoon, I went to her home and saw New Year buns in her cupboard. I wondered who did that for her. My mother said she did it by herself. I was surprised!

It took only five months and two days from the moment she was injured to be able to make the buns. It’s tiring to make such buns even for young people.

Our neighbors have also witnessed the power of Dafa, saying that my mother is amazing. I used to tell one neighbor the truth, and she didn’t believe it. My mother told the neighbor her story, and our neighbor also started to believe in the power of Dafa.

When my mother was 99 years old, I suggested she learn Dafa. She said: “I really want to learn, but how can I learn with my blurred vision?” Thus, I found a magnifying glass for her. We read Zhuan Falun more than four times. 

Sometimes when she went out others would admire her for her good health. She would then always say it was Dafa that gave her a good body.

I received a call from my younger brother on January 12, 2018, saying my mother broke her right arm. I arrived at her home within 20 minutes, and when I walked in, I couldn’t see anything broken in her arm.

My brother explained, “It did break. The bones pushed up in the skin.”

He went on to say, “Before you came in, she asked me to hold her arm and she pushed it back to how it was supposed to be.” 

My brother then found a wooden board for my mother and secured her arms with a white cloth. Both my brother and I thought that she should check in at the hospital to make sure it was done correctly. She didn't think it was necessary. After 48 days, my mother could put her belt on, and eat with a spoon. She said that Dafa was just so extraordinary.

One day, my mother came to my house. As soon as she entered the door, she said: “When you meet anybody on the street, you must tell them that Dafa is good!”

I asked why. She said that she fell from her bed and broke her back.

She took some medicine, but it had no effect. She asked Master to help her.

In her dream, she saw Master give her a shot, and when she woke up, her back was healed. She kept reminding me of that for two days. She then thanked Master again with her hands folded.

My family and relatives have benefited greatly from Dafa. These were just a few examples. I am grateful for Master ’s compassion for saving sentient beings.