Chinese Communist Party Forcing Youngsters To Join Its Youth Organizations during the Epidemic

With the schools in China closed due to the Wuhan virus, the Chinese Communist Party has launched a nationwide campaign to force youngsters to join its youth organizations via a mobile app that students have been using to study at home. “Parents and pupils do not want to do this, and I don’t want my students to join, either, but the principal forced us to,” said one primary school teacher.

Residents in Wuhan: Only Falun Gong Cares about Us

China's state-run media is spreading propaganda that the epidemic is now under control. Many in China doubt the credibility of these reports, especially while so many people are still struggling to get their hands on food and medicine. Throughout this humanitarian disaster, Falun Gong practitioners outside China have been making phone calls to people in Wuhan to give them accurate information about the spread of the virus and help them stay safe.

A Wuhan Resident's Interpretation of the CCP Virus Pandemic

Why was Wuhan the epicenter of the CCP virus? A resident looks at the virus' devastating effects in Wuhan and considers the area's role in recent human rights atrocities and persecution of faith.

Letter to the Editor: Judicial and Law Enforcement Agencies in China Have Not Returned to Normal Business Despite Claim of Victory Over Epidemic

Law enforcement and judicial agencies remain closed to most visitors, and many hearings have been postponed. At the same time, some of those who shared information about the epidemic early on were sentenced just days or weeks after their arrests.

Encounters with Two Taxi Drivers

A practitioner shares how he clarified the truth during the coronavirus lockdown, when the only vehicles on the roads were taxis.

Wuhan Family Blessed after Quitting the Chinese Communist Party

A family with a coronavirus-infected member was very grateful to a Falun Gong practitioner after the man recovered by following her advice.

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