(Minghui.org) Years ago, to make a living, I bought a diesel-powered tricycle. It was a good buy as I could use it to earn a living as well as to distribute Falun Dafa truth clarifying materials.

As I developed spiritually, I started to clarify the facts face to face to my customers. The experience helped me elevate in cultivation, and in the process, my righteous thoughts were continuously strengthened. I had just thrown pamphlets and fliers into people’s yards in the past, but I started using a small bag to hold the materials and was ready to clarify the truth to people face to face in an open and dignified manner.

I routinely prepared the materials before I set out for the day. Due to my meager income, I had always rented, but no matter where I went or lived, I had Master Li’s portrait with me. I also did the exercises outdoors. I even did this when it was snowing. I only returned to my place if it was too cold. I believed that there was nothing wrong with doing the exercises in an open and dignified manner. No one could touch us, because we had Master looking after us. We needed to keep this in mind. 

Come to My Place. Let’s Go!

One day, while I was waiting for customers near a convenience store, I talked to other drivers about the truth of Falun Dafa. Suddenly, these people started to attack me, using the untruths publicized by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). One of them even challenged me, “Do you have any books?” I replied, “Of course!” He then demanded, “Show me! I need to see what it says in the book!” I said, “Come to my place. Let’s go!”

I took him on my tricycle, returned to my place, and showed him my copy of Zhuan Falun. He flipped through it, and without really reading it, changed his attitude. He chuckled, “It is good to have a faith.”

Looking back, it was a bit risky to bring him to my place to look at Zhuan Falun, considering the brutal persecution happening in China. You don’t know what he could have done. But I had no fear, just pure righteous thoughts. 

Police Officers Who Refused To Divulge Their Identities

Most of my customers were ordinary people at first. I then realized that I should talk to the police officers who were being used to persecute Falun Dafa. As soon as I realized that, I held righteous thoughts.

I had no fear when talking to them. I know that I must have been strengthened by Master. I once picked up three police officers near the police station.

As soon as they were on board, I told them that I practiced Falun Dafa and asked them what they thought about it. They said that they were not police officers and that they were wearing someone else’s uniforms. After they got off, I came to enlighten with strong righteous thoughts, that the evil elements behind the police officers were scared off.

Police Officers Asked To Be Told the Truth

I once took a young police officer to work. He had many questions for me. Even after we got to the entrance of the police station, he was holding the door and not getting off. So we chatted more outside the police station. His colleagues were just passing him by. He got off only after he was already late for work.

I presumed most people coming out of the public security bureau were police officers, even though they were in plainclothes. I asked one of them directly, “Are you a police officer?” He answered, “I've ridden with you before. I heard what you had to say.” The rides were usually short, about one kilometer. I couldn’t tell them much more than the basics about Falun Dafa.

You Could Have Been Taken to the Police Station!

I once took a plainclothes police officer. As soon as I opened my mouth, he exploded, “You know, you could have been taken to the police station!” I didn’t care. I looked at him with a smile. Then he calmed down. We had a good chat.

I gave him a few more rides after that. The last time I saw him I gave him a brochure. 

Another time, I took home a man and his wife. After they got on, I realized that he was a police officer. He knew that I practiced Falun Dafa. At first, he was pretty rude. His wife tried to stop him. He calmed down when we were close to his home. When I was about to leave, he asked for my name. I told him, “Dafa practitioner,” as there was no point leaving him my name. 

Restrained by Master’s Portrait

The county banned tricycle taxis in the fall of 2016, so I had to work as a laborer. 

One day, I was having a rest when I heard people talking outside. I took a look and saw my neighbors talking with some police officers. The police officers were walking towards my house as they wrapped up their conversations.

I had no gate on my front yard so they walked straight to the door, knocked on it, and asked if anybody was home. I answered the door and invited them to come in. The tall one came in and sat on my bed. The other one, his assistant, would not come in but just stood outside my door while sizing up Master’s portrait on the table in the center of the room.

The tall officer asked if I had the ownership for the house to show him. I told him that it was a rental house and I did not have ownership. They decided to leave. As it was raining outside, I invited them to wait it out. They declined, saying that they had their car parked outside. So they left, and I didn’t think much of it. 

Looking back, I realized that they were not here to check the house ownership, because it was not their jurisdiction. It was probably because one of the neighbors reported me to the police after they saw me doing the exercises outside. The police didn’t do much, as Master’s portrait was right there, and it restrained them. 

Look How Well-Mannered Falun Dafa Practitioners Are!

I once went to a public bathhouse where I had worked in the past. When I was resting in the changing room, I clarified the truth to a young man, and other people were listening in. I asked him what he did for a living. He replied that he had a small business. He was indifferent to what I said.

I then got dressed and went back out to the lobby to pay. I sat on the couch and waited for my shoes. When the attendant came over and dropped my shoes in front of me, I thanked him and put them on. Then I heard a voice, “See how well-mannered Dafa practitioners are!”

I looked up. It was the young man I had just spoken to. He went on to say, “I will not take you to the police station today.” He flashed his black ID card. I went over to see it up close. He was a police officer! I thanked him. He walked out while putting his ID back in his pocket. 

Through this, I realize that as practitioners, we should pay attention to our demeanor. By just a simple “thank you,” the young police officer was so impressed that he decided not to take me to the police station. This is the power of Dafa. If we do a good job clarifying the truth and validating the Fa, truth-clarification is a breeze.