(Minghui.org) An elderly Falun Dafa practitioner said that one of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) administrators in her neighborhood told her to go to a brainwashing session. 

When they asked her if she would attend the first or the second session, she was confused and said she would attend the second session. She regretted agreeing to go and felt uneasy when she read the Fa or did the exercises. She decided to avoid going by staying away from home. 

“Why did you agree to attend a brainwashing session?” a fellow practitioner asked her. “Don’t go and don't leave your home. We should focus on raising awareness of the persecution to everyday people.” 

Those who can see into other dimensions say that the old forces are gathering up the last remnants of energy to eliminate those follow the CCP. They are also testing practitioners who are not steadfast. We must be clearheaded in the current situation and deny the persecution completely with righteous thoughts. 

As long as we remain steadfast and maintain our righteous thoughts, the old forces will not dare to persecute us. If CCP officials try to persecute us, we should calmly clarify the truth to them. We should tell them that the virus targets those who follow the CCP and that holding brainwashing sessions also violates the current rule of social distancing.