(Minghui.org) I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. With firm belief in Master Li and the Fa, I have walked steadily on the path of Fa-rectification cultivation.

Exposing the Persecution

After the Minghui article “Expose the Evil Happening Locally to the Local People” (With Master's Comments) was published in 2003, I compiled all the incidents of persecution I suffered in the brainwashing center, detention center, and forced labor camp. I then composed an open letter and distributed it widely in my area. It shocked those persecuting me and awakened the consciences of many people.

I worked with other practitioners to compile accounts of persecution of local practitioners and have had them published on the Minghui website since 2005. In addition, we created a list of the amounts of money and personal property the local domestic security divisions, brainwashing centers, businesses, and officials from the area townships had confiscated from our practitioners. We then posted the information widely over the internet. 

It took us a few years to compile all the information. Soon afterward, Minghui published an article encouraging us to document the extent to which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was abusing practitioners financially. That really got the evildoers’ attention. When some practitioners were later arrested by officers from the domestic security office, they did not extort money from the practitioners’ families. Some even returned the money they had confiscated. 

Large Scale Distribution of Truth-Clarifying Materials

Several other practitioners and I from the same village have studied the Fa together once or twice every week since July 1999. I worked outside and usually went directly to the Fa study group afterward. On the weekends, we distributed truth-clarifying materials at night. We distributed as many brochures as the material production site could provide. The practitioners in charge didn’t have to worry about overstocking brochures. 

Some practitioners in the village were busy with farm work. So they could have more time to study the teachings, I often helped them. Over time, we distributed truth-clarifying brochures to all the villages within our area. 

One night as we were preparing to distribute brochures, the practitioner who was supposed to go with us was still busy at the farm. So I called my son and a few other young folks to help him shuck the corn in his yard. Another night, a practitioner got a flat tire on his bicycle when distributing brochures. We asked Master to help us and rode the bicycle all the way back home. The next morning when we tried to inflate the tire, we found it was perfectly fine. Master helps us all the time! 

Cultivating While Producing Truth-Clarifying Materials

There were very few material production sites in 2005. I had to produce the brochures by myself, and the workload was heavy. I had to turn off the laser printer other five minutes to avoid overheating it. I used the break to study the Fa and bind the brochures. The practitioner who collaborated with me delivered the brochures to faraway places every day, and we coordinated well. 

Later we got a bigger printer. I then started to produce the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party for surrounding towns and cities. The collating and binding process was very tedious, and we had to pay close attention. But I did not have any complaints, as long as it was Dafa related work.

Once I was using a printer to print the cover of a book when it suddenly malfunctioned. The practitioner who knew how to repair it was out of town. I was often told that when something happened to the printer, we should look inward first. I started to look inward and realized that I was often impatient when I did things. I calmed down and told the printer, “I have been impatient. You can rest a little and then cooperate with me again to help save sentient beings.” 

After a while, the printer started to work. The first two pages were not clear. But the third one was fine. In addition, it printed faster than before.

We also had to buy special paper from a big city, and I went there all by myself. On the way, I sometimes became nervous and worried about possible dangers. With firm righteous thoughts and belief in Master, I continued on without a hitch.

Coordinating Projects Well

There is no template for what Dafa practitioners should do. We must study the Fa well and have steadfast belief in order to walk a righteous path.

After I compiled the persecution cases, I had a rough understanding of the local practitioners’ situations as well as each practitioner’s abilities. We set up over 10 material production sites within six months, which made it possible for many practitioners to distribute truth-clarifying brochures. 

Many practitioners were still fearful and were unable to distribute Dafa materials. Our coordinators then formed a Fa-study group to share experiences with those practitioners. We also paired practitioners to distribute brochures, and the results were good. Many practitioners let go of their fear and participated in the truth-clarifying effort.

Another way to reach out to people was using cellphones. We were able to contact the army and government institutions, which would have been difficult to do otherwise. Some of us conducted the training, some looked up the phone numbers, while others provided the funding. The results were good. 

Two practitioners were arrested, so we called the chief of the local police department. He did not hang up until he finished listening to what we had to say. The practitioners were released soon afterward.

Coordinating is truly not easy. I never sleep more than four hours a day. Once, I only slept an hour and a half for 70 days due to a project. I studied the Fa, did the exercises, and sent righteous thoughts at night and worked on Dafa projects during the day. I seldom ate at practitioners’ homes so I wouldn’t interrupt their schedules. I often ate in the car or outside the supermarket instead. 

I always try to protect fellow practitioners from danger. Once we suspected a material site was in danger. Two practitioners drove me close to the place. I told them to wait for half-an-hour and leave if I did not come back. When I knocked at the door, I discovered it was a false alarm, and the practitioners were safe. We’d been given inaccurate information

Arrested and Tortured

The persecution peaked in 2001. I was arrested and held in a forced labor camp. The guards ordered me to give up my belief three times and tortured me in all kinds of ways, including depriving me of sleep, handcuffing and beating me, and shocking me with electric batons.

Many people with wrong understandings of the Fa were enlisted to brainwash me every day. I reasoned with them and some understood that they had deviated from the Fa. Once the guards brought in a former practitioner to talk to me. I made him understand that he had deviated from the Fa. He later published a solemn declaration to return to Dafa and no longer cooperated with the prison authorities. The police often interrogated me until 4 a.m. They also assigned prisoners to monitor me and prevent me from sleeping. This went on for three months.

I once refused to watch a video that slandered Dafa. The guards dragged me to the office and tied my hands and feet to an iron chair. They didn’t let me go to the restroom. The guards also forced me to squat at night. I did not cooperate with them and stood still instead. They kept kicking my knees, which caused a slight disability. The guards also used electric batons to shock me.

One night, a guard and three detainees came to my cell. The guard kicked me in the abdomen really hard. Then they grabbed my hair and hit my head against the wall, punched my mouth and jaw, and slapped my face for several hours. The beating caused profuse bleeding in my mouth and nose, a broken jaw, loose teeth, a swollen face, and a headache. My hair and blood covered the floor. The captain was afraid that I might die and gave orders that I be monitored for the entire night.

A guard captain slandered Master and collected money during a brainwashing session. “Zhuan Falun sells for just eight yuan. But the domestic security officers fine practitioners thousands to tens of thousands of yuan every time they make an arrest. Who really keeps the money they collect?” 

The captain said that he did not want to discuss it. The classroom erupted in chaos and he left. The police later extended my stay by 10 days to punish me. 

A reporter from a local TV station interviewed several imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners, including those who had deviated from the Fa. A female guard captain was also interviewed. I told her the truth about the Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation, Dafa spreading around the world, that Jiang Zemin ordered the persecution, and also how the CCP has persecuted the Chinese people during its many political movements. The captain could not refute what I said, and the reporter listened to the facts as well. I told the reporter, “I hope you report this truthfully.” 

I recited the Fa until 2 a.m. and sent forth righteous thoughts every day in the forced labor camp. When we were forced into slave labor, practitioners recited the Fa in turn. I endured the tribulations with a firm belief in Master and the Fa.

Attachments Result in Arrest

Since I had the attachments of doing things, impatience, showing-off, and a competitive mentality, I was taken advantage of by the old forces. Some practitioners from out of town were arrested. They had my phone number and those of many practitioners in my area—we were all arrested. 

Instead of being fearful, I clarified the truth to every officer I met. Some agreed with me in private. A deputy chief of a police department was touched by the truth and cried. He told me that, although he was in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, he had not been told anything about the practice. A police officer from the northeast of China specifically looked for me to hear the facts. 

After I was transferred to the prison, the guards continued to abuse me. They wanted to force me to give up my belief. Five prisoners ganged up to beat me three times, an hour-and-a-half each time. Another prisoner took a dirty rag from the toilet and stuffed it into my mouth. 

A few of us were forced to sit in front of the toilet, because we refused to work. I reported the beatings and electric shock torture to the prison authorities. The deputy warden of the prison used an electric baton to shock me nonstop for 40 minutes, which caused a face and neck injury.

Inside a four-square-meter prison cell, without heat or a fan, I was abused like this for 19 months. I was once deprived of sleep for 18 days. The guard did not even let me blink. Whenever I closed my eyes, they sprayed cold water on my face and shook me. When provincial officials came to the prison, I clarified the truth to them and gave details of all I had suffered.

I still have many attachments to get rid of. But I vow to remain steadfast in my faith and do the three things well.