(Minghui.org) As a Westerner I have seen a lot of extreme things being put out on social media lately, mostly by Chinese practitioners, but also by some Westerners. For example, some videos and messages say things like “Just say Falun Dafa hao (‘Falun Dafa is good’) then you will be saved from hell.” This type of message will push people away because they are things that religious extremists say, and almost all Westerners would immediately form a negative impression.

These types of messages may be acceptable to some Chinese people because it connects with the culture of the East and they have more context about Falun Dafa and the persecution in their environment. But Westerners haven’t been brainwashed their entire lives to follow the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and we have very different ways of thinking. When practitioners talk to different groups of people, they should take these cultural differences into account and avoid using language that may be considered extreme.

The following approach has worked very well for me: It’s a good idea when talking to Westerners to give a short description of Falun Dafa. I mention that it is free of charge, involves meditation, and helps improve morality, etc. I then talk from the angle of human rights abuses, because they can sympathize and will be able to see the evil nature of the CCP and the goodness of Falun Dafa. If the person is receptive, they will naturally want to hear more. We can then talk more about the goodness of Dafa and what cultivation means. The practitioner should always be rational.

My understanding is that we must never depart from the way Master has taught us to save people, not even at the last moment, minute, or second of the Fa-rectification. After all, Master's latest article is titled “Rationality.”