(Minghui.org) I grew up in the city and always felt superior to those from the countryside, even as a young child. Even after I began to practice Falun Dafa, I still looked down on practitioners who lived in the countryside and regarded them as lower-class people. A recent experience, however, has changed my prejudice. I no longer dare to slight fellow practitioners in my heart.

Two months ago, I joined a Fa-study group of ladies between 60 & 70. Among them, I am the youngest. Many of them couldn’t pronounce the words clearly or were not that fluent. 

A woman from a nearby village caught my attention. She was skinny, dark-faced, had gray hair, and a short haircut. Her simple outfit made her rather unremarkable. She never attended school and was illiterate until she began to practice Dafa. She learned to read by studying Dafa books. Her reading was not only slow, but her pronunciation was also inaccurate; I often found her pitiable. 

One day, she sat across from me. Maybe because of the warm temperature, she seemed to dose off from time to time. When it was her turn to read, she read in a slow and sluggish manner. I could not help but laugh at her secretly. 

Suddenly, my third eye saw a holy Bodhisattva in a white dress standing up; she began reading with a clear and solemn voice. Her reading was full of power that eliminated all interference from other dimensions. When I raised my head, the Bodhisattva turned back into the countrywoman, standing there and reading the book with the sincerest effort. 

At that moment, my age-old notions about human hierarchy were completely removed. What remains is my highest respect for her!

Over the years, this lady consistently distributed Dafa brochures and clarified the truth to people. She also convinced many people to renounce their association with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). By being quiet and low-keyed, she put in her best effort!

What I saw was a true validation. Human beings can become divine through cultivating Falun Dafa. I sincerely thank Master Li for showing me such an image. I will try my best to relinquish my ordinary attachments in the future.