(Minghui.org) After our family’s Mid-Autumn Festival dinner, my father-in-law did not feel well. He had a high fever and other cold symptoms. He went to a doctor, but his condition did not improve.

He still felt weak 20 days later and lost his appetite. My wife and I took him to the city hospital for a blood test and CAT scan. We were told that he had a malignant tumor in his right lung, and he was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer.

We did not reveal the results to the family immediately. Instead, I asked my father-in-law if he believed in Falun Dafa. He replied, “Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t.”

Before he got sick, I had already clarified the truth about Dafa to him many times and he had read Zhuan Falun. I downloaded Master’s lectures and the Dafa music “Pudu” and “Jishi” onto an MP3 player that I bought for him.

My father-in-law took out the book Zhuan Falun that I gave him years ago and read it thoroughly. He told his wife, “Before, when I tried to read this book, I had a difficult time concentrating. However, now I can concentrate.” He would listen to Master’s lectures whenever he got the chance.

A week later, I accompanied him on another hospital visit. The doctor saw the previous CAT scan and told us that there was no way he could be treated. However, after another CAT scan and blood test, the results showed that the tumor in the right lung was gone and all that was left was some inflammation under the lung. Even the inflammation was gone seven days later.

Thank you Master for saving my father-in-law. I hope more people can learn the truth about Dafa and have a bright future.

Recovery from a Stage 4 Cancer Patient

My husband is 62 this year. Last year, he began to feel unwell and lost his appetite. The doctor said that he had stage 4 stomach cancer, and he underwent surgery.

Typically, patients would need to undergo chemotherapy after their surgery. However it was expensive, painful, and only extended one's life briefly.

My husband got chemotherapy twice at the hospital. The treatment was not working, so we gave up. Fellow practitioners suggested that he should study the Fa and do the exercises. He started reading Zhuan Falun. Soon, he felt better and his life became normal again.

When the children came home with supplemental medicine, he told them that he had a dream and the person in the dream told him not to take medicine.

After a checkup at the hospital, he was told that the cancer was gone. The doctors were amazed that he recovered without undergoing any more chemotherapy or taking medication.

My husband is not a cultivator and he does not study the Fa on a daily basis. However, he told me that when he wanted to give up studying the Fa, he would feel sick; and if he was not paying attention when watching Master’s lectures, or not being totally respectful, the video images would be blank.

My children and my husband know that Dafa is good. Now, he is back to normal again and he recites “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” on a regular basis. I want to thank Master for saving him, and I want to let others know that Falun Dafa is good so that more people can know the truth.