(Minghui.org) With the outbreak of the (Chinese Communist Party) CCP virus, our communities, villages and local roads were placed on lock down. As a result, I stayed inside my home for 15 days. How would I clarify the facts about Falun Gong to people, when there were very few people outside? I was at a loss.

Ms. Li came to my home to ask me to go study the Fa with other practitioners, and then go out to clarify the facts. When I went, I realized that quite a few of them had been going out everyday to hand out truth-clarification materials.

The next day, I went out to clarify the facts and help people quit the CCP as well. Although I could only talk to a few people at the supermarket, I helped them understand how one can survive this epidemic. I also put truth-clarification brochures on people's cars.

One time, I came to our main entrance, where the guards stopped me. While checking where I was going, they said that I shouldn’t stroll around. Then I began to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind them, and that they needed to ignore me. Meanwhile, I asked for Master for strength. On the next day, my daughter-in-law told me: If you wanted to go out, you could go from either the west or east back side of our village. I just followed her and took that route from then on.

One time, when I was handing out materials at the entrance of a factory, I ran into a caretaker. When I clarified the facts to him, he didn’t believe me or accept the keepsake that I attempted to give to him. Then, I began to put materials on the parked vehicles.

When I was about to finish with all my materials, he saw me. Then, he threatened me by saying that if I didn’t take them back, he would report me to the police. When I told him that all these materials were for saving sentient beings, to help them understand the truth, he still didn’t want to listen to me. So I had this thought in mind: What you said didn’t count and I will not take back what I have distributed. Meanwhile, I asked for Master’s strengthening.

Right then, an idea flashed in my mind: There was a side road on the north side. So I decided to take that route right away and got home safely. After that, I looked inward and identified my zealotry, and came to understand why I’d run into this incident. One more time, I felt grateful for Master’s benevolent protection. I also came to realize that unlike ordinary people, we should not get stuck at home.

One time, the village community secretary came to talk to my husband. She said, “If your wife still practices Falun Gong, tell her not to go all over the place to hand out materials.”

“Everybody knows she was seriously ill,” My husband said, “and only recovered after practicing Falun Gong. I support her! Because of that, she has a healthy body, so that we can have a harmonious family life.”

The secretary continued, “Since she still does, she is not entitled to the items we would have given out for free for the holiday.” My husband replied, “That’s okay. For my wife to have a healthy body, and us having a harmonious family is all we care about. What’s so big deal of not receiving free items from you?!”

After he came home and shared with me this encounter with the secretary, I felt very happy. I have often clarified the facts to him. He has been supporting me in clarifying the facts to people. On that night, he went to the home of the secretary to challenge her, “Which law in the Constitution prohibits one from practicing Falun Gong? Doesn’t the Constitutions safeguard one’s freedom of speech and belief?”

“Sorry, but we just do what we were told from the top.” The secretary replied.

Besides his righteous actions, my husband has been assisting me in truth-clarification and helping people with renouncing their CCP memberships.

As a practitioner, one should sincerely treasure one’s cultivation opportunity – something extremely precious. Let’s cultivate well, save more sentient beings, and form the one-body. In addition, harmonize what’s Master wants us to do, do the three things well, and not leave any regrets.