(Minghui.org) Aunt Feng grew up with eight siblings in a poor family in a rural area. She never went to school and was illiterate.

Falun Dafa arrived in her hometown in 1994, and after she began to practice, she recovered from her leg pain, back pain, and stomach problems. She abides by Dafa's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance and became more kind, tolerant, and sincere.

Aunt Feng and her family talked to their friends, relatives, and neighbors about Dafa. Many more people began to practice.

She held the Dafa books in her hands, while other practitioners studied the teachings. She listened and turned the pages when the others did, but she could not read. This made her sad.

One night, Aunt Feng picked up Zhuan Falun and opened it to Master Li’s picture. She began to cry and said, “My mother sent my siblings to school, but not me. I cannot read the Fa—how do I cultivate myself well?” 

That night, she cried herself to sleep. In a dream, she saw Zhuan Falun shining like gold. Every character in the book was golden and three-dimensional, and they flew one by one into her head until they were all inside.

In the morning after she woke up, she opened the book and could read every character! She told her eldest son, “I can read Dafa books now. Please see if I am reading them right.” Her son laughed, “Mother, you didn't go to school, you cannot read your own name—how can you read this book?” 

Aunt Feng smiled, held Zhuan Falun with both hands, and read the characters reverently, one after another. Everything she read was correct. Her son was stunned. 

When Aunt Feng asked her son if she had read them correctly, he applauded her, saying, “Yes, you did. But how did you learn?” She said, “I know all the words in Zhuan Falun because last night Master put them into my head.

Aunt Feng can now read all the Dafa books, as well as the Minghui Weekly

The story of Aunt Feng magically recognizing words overnight quickly spread like wildfire throughout the area.