U.S. Secretary of State: The CCP “Put Countless Lives at Risk”

In the past few days, the CCP has reported nearly zero new local infection cases, including in the epicenter, Wuhan. But many are questioning whether they continue to cover up information about the epidemic to deceive the world. According to a China researcher, “The virus first appeared in China, now the CCP blames other countries and calls all new cases ‘imported infections.’ It doesn't make any sense.”

Learning about Falun Gong and Discovering the Mystery of Life

Since antiquity, Chinese people have been trying to figure out the universe, the human body, and life itself in a variety of ways, with many forays into the metaphysical and spiritual. This is a history of how Falun Gong was introduced to the public and why it is so popular in this period of time. As more people take up the practice, perhaps our world will become a kinder place, and our lives will find a higher meaning.

Taiwan News and NTV: Chinese Communist Party Must Be Held Accountable for Causing Global Pandemic

As countries outside of China are fighting to contain the coronavirus pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is ramping up its propaganda machine to cast itself as a victim and shifting blame.

Contrasting the CCP's Evil Nature with Ancient Emperors’ Repentance in the Face of Disaster

When calamities struck, ancient rulers in China took personal responsibility and issued statements reflecting on their wrongdoings. Those who did so sincerely and corrected themselves would see the disaster end as a result.

Hualien, Taiwan: Everyone Should Speak Out Against the Persecution

Their exercise demonstration and signature drive caught many people's attention.

Being an Example of Dafa's Integrity for the Students and Teachers at My School

Teachers in China who diverge from the Communist Party's propaganda in textbooks risk punishment, arrest, and even imprisonment. Nevertheless, this elementary school teacher chose to follow her conscience.

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